What to consider when selecting the correct safety boots

Protect your feet from crush injuries, slips, muscle strains and even electric shocks by investing in the best safety boots in Kenya, whether as an employee or employer. Safety boots are the most common type of safety footwear with multiple features such as waterproof, insulation and slip resistant soles frequently used in the construction industry. Pinnacle sports podiatry Sydney recommend that ample support and comfort in your work boots is essential for your long-term foot health.

Safety boots are a type of footwear used in different working environments to keep both the employees and their employers safe by offering diverse levels of protection as illustrated below. Safety boots price among other factors listed below will determine the type of footwear you need for your business.

How safety boots work

In some countries, safety footwear is a requirement for managing potential risks in a working environment up to a tolerable level. They are categorised according to how they operate in different surroundings such as slippery floors, those with heavy machines dealing with electricity.

Waterproof and insulated boots are for people working on wet conditions to prevent frostbite and other cardiovascular complications. Are made of either nylon or leather materials.

Trip-resistant work boots are fitted with a correct tread to maintain balance and prevent any further slips or falls especially in the food industries where the floors are always slippery.

Steel/comp toe safety boots. Protect workers’ feet from injuries as a result of falling objects particularly in construction sites and by the firefighters.


For safety boots price in Kenya, expect to acquire the shoes at a range of Ksh. 2800 to Ksh 4000. Do a research on the most reliable safety footwear company and purchase from it.

Shoe size.

Go for a higher shoe size than your usual one. This will not only create space for your feet and toes to breathe during a long day at work but also add padding in colder conditions for insulation. For the height, I would advise on 17 to 22 cm to protect even the ankles.

Type of safety you need.

Do you need the shoe for a slick surface, agriculture, healthcare or with heavy machinery depending on the potential risks involved. What type of material is needed? Whether a fabric or leather. Leather work boots are a bit heavier compared to nylon ones though the latter is not that durable. Ensure that the boots are well aerated and flexible to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Safety boots maintenance

Just like any other working equipment, footwear should be kept in good condition through frequent cleaning and maintenance. A proper maintenance schedule includes checking for any wear and tear damages that should be repaired or replaced. Cleaning with damp cloth and a disinfectant and then examining whether it is operational.


Safety boots price in Kenya are determined by a number of safety features needed in the working area including protection against electric shocks and muscle strains. Choose the best product after consulting with your workers and on the basis of risk assessment otherwise it might fail to work.

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