What Makes Whole Body Vibration The Future Of Good Health

Whole-body vibration makes use of vibrations to cause your muscle fibers to automatically contract and relax. The rapidly improves muscle tone, increases blood flow which stimulates all your organs and tissues, and helps in decreasing inflammation in the body

By just spending a few minutes on the vibration platform, you can relieve yourself of chronic pain and inflammation which can bring benefits to your spine and joints in the long term. The vibrations help tense muscles to relax and calms nerves irritated due to compression from tight muscles. The vibration platform sends out powerful vibrations that stimulate your muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartildge and bone simultaneously. 

How Does The Vibration Therapy Work

This non-invasive therapy can be magic for those wondering how to calm inflammation in the body. The vibration therapy is a natural healing process that prevents the need for surgeries, the use of narcotics, and pharmaceuticals. Even if you only stand or sit on the vibration plate, the technology makes use of mechanical force to increase blood flow to parts of your body that are in need of healing, nutrients and stimulation. 

Injury or trauma can cause pain, limit movement, lead to inflammation, neuropathy, and re-injury. Vibration therapy uses low frequency vibrations to relax tightened tissues bringing greater range of motion and functionality. These vibrations are a safe way to treat people who are suffering from chronic pain symptoms. 

The vibration plate you stand usually will have a range of frequency settings that transmits energy to your and cause automatic rapid muscle contraction and relaxation. Holding a position, such as a squat, against the vibration will create a more intense workout, but because you don’t need to move your joints during this workout, there won’t be the joint stress that regular exercise causes. The increased blood flow also makes your joints more flexible. 

Improved Balance

The greater flexibility and increased range of movement contribute to reduced tension and inflammation. Another important benefit is the strong signal vibration sends to your bones that they should increase bone density. Increased bone density, better balance, and increased muscle and core strength will help protect you from falling and bone loss which will protect you from bone breaks. Vibration can also stimulate the production of osteoblasts cells in your cells – the cells that promote the growth of new bone, increasing bone density. 

Treats Soft-Tissue Injuries

Whole-body vibration can also be combined with other treatment options such as stretching, massage, or other home exercises. Doing these stretching and massage exercises on your vibrating plate will give you synergistic effects, increasing the effects of both.  While just standing or sitting on the vibration plate will bring benefits, combining a work out and/or stretching and massage with your vibration therapy will lead to accelerated recovery and more effective chronic pain management. 

Explosive Strength for Athletes

When athletes perform resistance exercises with vibration, it amplifies strength gains and makes the body stronger. The vibration plates provide flexibility and explosive strength to the legs that improve athletic performance. But for everyone, athlete or not, vibration will enhance your workout, improve movement, and protect you from many age-related issues. 

There is so much that whole-body vibration offers that it can rightly be considered the future of good health. Your internal health is improved, you are protected from diseases such as diabetes, and you can even lose weight. Becky Chambers, a natural health practitioner, author, teacher, and owner of Vibrant Health, has written many whole-body vibration books, where she shares her knowledge and insight on the subject. You can purchase these books on Amazon and witness the changes that the therapy will bring to your life!


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