What makes a good fireproof safe?

Storing your valuables inside a safe is one of the best ways to protect them against theft. But a fireproof safe will provide an extra line of defence for irreplaceable items, ensuring they don’t end up burnt or destroyed in a fire. In fact, most insurers insist on a fire-resistant safe these days!

Whilst there are several fireproof safes on the market, knowing which one is right for your needs can be tricky. That’s why we thought we’d offer a few pointers to help you make an informed decision.

What will you store in your fireproof safe?

First things first, you need to consider what items you’ll keep inside it.

If it’s a laptop, camera or USB stick, you’ll need a fireproof safe that’s designed to hold digital media. The same applies to DVDs, CDs and external hard drives.

If you need somewhere to stow important documents like your marriage certificate, house deeds or an insurance policy, then a paper safe will be ideal.

Magnetic media such as computer backup tapes and floppy disks will need to be held within a fireproof safe that’s intended for data and magnetic media.

How much fire protection do you need?

Once you’ve decided what type of fireproof safe you require, you need to bear in mind the fire rating to ensure it not only fulfils your needs but your insurer’s too.

Fire test standards range from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes. You need to ask yourself whether a safe that offers up to 30 minutes’ protection is enough, or would you benefit from a model that can withstand high temperatures for longer?

As with most things, a fireproof safe with a higher fire rating will cost you more – but you can relax knowing that it will offer greater protection for your valuables.

What size is best?

When choosing a fireproof safe for your home or office, look closely at its size and how much space you have available. The last thing you want to do is buy one that’s not big enough to house all your paperwork or valuables, or one that’s too big and stands out like a sore thumb!

Luckily, most suppliers include internal and external dimensions to give you a better idea of what you can fit inside a fireproof safe and help you to determine the best place to store it.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to opt for a safe that’s slightly bigger than you need. This way, if your storage needs change, you can trust you have the space to comfortably secure more items in your safe.

What type of locking device should you opt for?

Given the sensitive and valuable nature of the items typically held within a safe, it’s understandable that you want to keep them as secure as possible. And opting for a fireproof safe with a high-security lock is a sure-fire way to do exactly that!

A key locking safe is by far the simplest (and cheapest) option available. These are usually sold with two keys. If multiple people require access, a combination lock – either a fixed dial or changeable code – offers an additional level of protection. These reduce the need to carry keys, which is great if you’re constantly misplacing yours.

Electronic locks are another popular option used for fireproof safes. With one of these, you simply key in the correct PIN and the safe door opens. And if someone leaves the company or you’re worried your security may have been compromised, you can change the code as many times as you like.

And lastly, biometric locks don’t require keys or combinations. Instead, you simply place your finger over the scanner and, if your fingerprint is recognised, the safe door will open. If it’s not, the door will remain closed. Fire safes with fingerprint recognition locks are convenient for businesses where many people need to access the safe.

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