What is Web Chat SDK?

Live chats, and instant messaging automation are driving modern-day businesses. This form of communication has conveniently replaced other methods like emails and calls in many companies. In fact, 85% of customers prefer messages to calls or emails. This has increased response times by almost 60 times!

Owing to the demand and necessity of instant messaging, businesses have moved to web chat SDK and other messaging SDK platforms.  

What Is Chat SDK? How Is It Used in Web Chat? 

Messaging SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to build and use in-app chat and web chat solutions, making the entire process of establishing instant messaging in your firm more streamlined. 

Apart from mobile-based chat solutions installed through Android or iOS chat SDK, you can also integrate and use messaging services on your company’s website.  

When you bring instant communication to the doorstep of your website, these services can enable the interaction of various teams across different departments in your company or the communication with customers who visit your website.

You can also tailor the web chat solution to match the requirements and needs of your business and customers.  

By incorporating web chat in your websites, you allow your customers to interact directly on the website instead of downloading the mobile app or waiting in line on long customer calls. 

Benefits of Web Chat SDK 

1. Bug-Free Messaging Medium 

To start with the obvious, chat SDK web does offer instant messaging on your company’s website. And without these tools and kits, it is not possible to develop your chat solution.  

The SDKs are downloadable high-quality and bug-free kits, allowing developers to design their messaging applications without any hassle.  

2. Convenient for All 

As live chat SDK offers bug-free development, they are developer-friendly. In the same way, users or customers also find SDK-built chat solutions easy-to-use and convenient to communicate through. 

3. Public and Private Groups 

Through web chat SDK, developers can create either public or private groups. Private groups or private chats are beneficial when the conversation is one-on-one, like with customers. Public groups make it easy to communicate with people from different teams who work on the same project, leading to much smoother conversations.  

Using Web Chat SDK – A Brief Walkthrough 


There are various ways to install and initiate web chats. Some platforms provide a pre-built web chat user interface that you can copy and paste to kick-start your web chat system. 

You can also customize the features or build your own UI from scratch. 


The authentication stage allows you to add a field through which the users can log in using their credentials like email ID, phone number, or any other unique id. New users can also create an account with your company by registering with ease.  

For group conversations, you can even add additional data fields like department, designation, etc.

Initiating Conversations 

Once you have successfully allowed your users to login into the messaging system, you can add codes that will let you and your users perform conversation-related tasks like the following, 

  • Send messages 
  • Receive messages 
  • Delete conversations 
  • Block/Unblock users 
  • Display conversation details 
  • Send attachments  
  • Generate image links 

These are just a few options that you can add to your web chat service. You can easily add or remove any of these features depending on your requirements.  

You can also add options to the group messaging system. Some of these options include, 

  • Create groups 
  • Leave groups 
  • Add and remove members in a group 
  • Mute/unmute groups 
  • Add group info and description 
  • Get updates of changes in the group 

Get Real-Time Updates 

Building a messaging service with messaging SDK is just the same as any other communication service that you use. With the help of real-time chat SDK, you can get real-time updates about users like their online or offline status, their last seen time, receive desktop notifications of messages, and much more.


The chances of a customer making a purchase with your business are tripled if your website utilizes a live chat feature. This increases the sales of your business and leads to more satisfied customers. 

Chat messaging SDK are great tools that help you create immersive conversations with zero restrictions. Apart from messaging, admins and owners can also manage the messages and use real-time insights and analytics to manage the web chat solution. 

Get a messaging system on your website through web chat SDK providers to scale your business and accelerate your conversations.  

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