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What Is The Difference Between Sunblock And Sunscreen Lotion

There are hundreds, if not thousands of sun protection products that you can choose from, and many individuals become overwhelmed before they can narrow down their choices to an ideal product. Should you use sunblock or sunscreen lotion, it is time for tanning oil? What’s the difference between these products anyways? Keep reading and find out what the major differences between sun protection and tanning products are.


When you say sunblock, isn’t that really just another word for sunscreen? Actually, there are some pretty big differences between sunblock and sunscreen products. Sunblock uses an entirely different science to keep you protected, reflecting UV rays to keep you protected versus absorbing the sun’s rays. This protection method leaves a thin film, (physical shield) that provides a barrier between your skin and UV rays. Sunblocks do last longer and need less application, as their formula is designed to sit on top of your skin for extended periods.

Sunscreen Lotions

Sunscreen lotions use science of their own, with a formula that absorbs most of the UV rays that come into contact with your skin. These products are far more abundant and are known as the “chemical protectant”, due to their formula’s use of nano-chemicals that can absorb UV rays from the sun. Most products that are sold in stores are sunscreens. 

Is There A Good Time For Tanning Oils?

Many have heard the saying “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, and the same logic applies to tanning. Trying to rapidly achieve results is an effective way to accrue skin damage, even if you see short-term benefits from using tanning oils. The decision is yours, but your best bet is to use a lower SPF sunscreen and enjoy the outdoors until you are the perfect shade of tan. Most products that are sold in stores are sunscreens.  However, make sure you do your research and stay away from dangerous sunscreens that contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Trying to Avoid Nano-Chemicals?

There’s nothing conclusive that says nanoparticle absorption is hazardous, unless ingested, but scientists are starting to realize the adverse consequences of nano sunscreens. That’s why it is important to venture outside of your norm and try a less common and far better type of sun protection- Organic sunscreen lotion

Organic sunscreen lotions are the best way to protect your skin, administering essential vitamins and minerals that keep your skin healthy, even in the heat. These formulas use non-nano ingredients so the sunscreen is not able to penetrate your skin. After all surface-level protection is all you need, aside from vital nutrients that these products contain. Vitamin E oil, Cocoa butter, and coconut oil are all ingredients that you may find in a premium sunscreen lotion. Click here for more information on the highest quality sunscreen formula.


Sun protection is essential to a successful summer, no matter what product you choose. There are benefits to both sunblock and sunscreen, but the ideal choice for your skin will always be organic sunscreen lotion. Do some digging and you’ll quickly realize that there is no comparison for natural, nourishing protection.

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