What is the Best Time to buy carpet In a Year

Searching for the best time to buy a carpet could be born out of two reasons. One, you do not want to spend excessive money and avoid buying when carpets in the market are generally overpriced. Second, you want to wait until a fresh lot arrives during the year in compliance with the latest trend.

Whatsoever, timing is important. Especially because investment in carpet requires handsome pay. You don’t replace carpets every second day. Hence, both quality and price matter. You will appreciate your decision of being thoughtful and taking time before you head towards the market.

What is the Best Time to buy carpet In 2022

To ease your investigation and research, we’ve jotted down our findings from the market analysis and in consultation with the stakeholders in the carpet industry:

During the sale

The universal demand and supply will affect the prices of the carpet. Sales on carpets come up when demand is low. This could be the perfect time to own a carpet on a budget. This is when bargaining could fetch the most benefit. You certainly don’t want to pay the maximum price. So, if you are willing to buy a carpet, it is recommended to keep a track of the market and not miss the biggest probable discount on a carpet you have always desired. Fuel your wallet to buy when it’s just the right time.

Late December to mid-January – Holiday sale

So, if you can be an exception and cut down on holiday plans, it could be the best time of the year to buy carpets at a minimal price.

May-June – New launches

May-June marks the time of the year when new and trendy rugs arrive on the market. Sale during the holiday and post-holiday period allow the rug sellers to get rid of their inventory to be able to push fresh products with new innovative designs later during the year.

Hence, if you like to keep yourself updated with the trend, this could be the best time to make a purchase of rugs.

Carpets with new and trendy designs and making arrive in the market

Time to avoid

Unlike during the sale, when people are on their toes to purchase carpets, the demand-supply mechanism operates oppositely. And this is the time you must avoid if you are not ready to spend plenty.

So, the question is which time in a year sees a soaring demand for carpets? Well, you must resist buying a carpet immediately before the holidays in Late December and during summer. Besides, tax rebate time is also not favourable when most of them decide on revamping their homes and replacing the carpets.

Time of the year to avoid buying a carpet:

Mid-October – November

Certainly, the pre-holiday period immediately after summer vacations is not the best time of the year to buy a rug. It is the time when people are free enough to be thoughtful about curating their home décor. Certainly, replacing rugs would make to the list of their home decorative. Hence, if you are on a budget, refrain from buying carpet in pre-holiday period.


Summer is the peak season when new houses get constructed and people move in. Hence, carpeting the floors make into the top of their list. So, as rises the demand for carpets, so does the prices. Hence, you must keep low and wait for the summer to pass.

Tax-rebate period

Like every other buyers, if you decide on buying a carpet on receiving tax bonuses, you may have to pay a hefty price. Generally, tax bonuses are released during mid-Feb and mid-April. Hence, this period of the year is not recommended if you are not ready to pay the maximum price.

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