What is Regular Heavy Alcohol Drinking?

Alcohol is called a recreational form of beverage but in reality, can be a gateway to addiction and dependence if abused. Alcohol consumption has become so normal in our lives because of television and the influence of western culture where drinking alcohol frequently and in heavy quantities has been normalized.

This in turn affects teenagers and young adults into thinking it is fine to consume alcohol in higher amounts and frequently which then slowly becomes alcohol addiction in time. Early identification of the problem and diagnosing the issue with alcohol addiction treatment can help individuals in recovery from alcohol abuse.

How is Alcohol Bad for Your Health?

Alcohol is a simple malt-based fermented drink with ethyl alcohol in a certain percentage based on the drink you choose. It may be derived from malt, millet, rice, grapes, or any such ingredient. The problem with the consumption of alcohol in small quantities in less frequency is quite insignificant. Small quantities of alcohol can be easily processed by the body and are usually out of the system in 2 to 3 days.

The problem occurs when the consumer becomes too addicted to alcohol and consumes huge amounts of alcohol frequently. This process wreaks havoc in the body as the body cannot metabolize such huge quantities of alcohol and therefore starts to suffer the consequences. Excess consumption of alcohol affects the liver and kidneys.

It can also slow down the body’s metabolism overall and lead to blood toxification. It can impair the senses of the individual and hence they are unable to use their motory sensors and judgment to think or act appropriately causing danger to themselves and to people around them.

Alcohol abuse and overdose can lead to death as well and there are a large number of deaths associated with alcohol not limited to overdose but also in liver malfunction, heart diseases, etc.

Signs of Regular Alcohol Consumption

Those who consume alcohol in regular frequency and in heavy quantities have some sure identities and can easily be identified. Such individuals must be diagnosed soon as they can be treated with proper alcohol addiction treatment. If left unidentified and untreated, alcohol addiction can cause multiple organ failure, heart disease, and even overdose leading to death. Below are some of the symptoms of regular alcohol consumers:

  1. Unable to stay sober for a long period of time
  2. Increased spending towards alcohol
  3. Wanting to drink more and more in quantity
  4. Showing no effect of excess drinking and having no hangover
  5. High tolerance to large amounts of alcohol
  6. Socially distancing self and from family
  7. Change in peer group or friends
  8. Wanting to hang out with people with excessive drinking habits
  9. Emotionally disturbed – infuriated, depressed, sensitive
  10. Drinking at the office, public places, and other inappropriate places and timings
  11. Not focussing on work/college leading to poor performance
  12. Landing in fights, arguments, and legal problems often

These are some of the sure symptoms with which you may be able to identify alcohol addiction in a person. The sooner this problem is realized and brought to their attention, the sooner they can be helped with the right treatment and care.

Alcohol de-addiction has a high rate of success with a good program and with good support from family and friends. Rehabilitation centers with trained staff and certified specialists can help in overcoming addiction in terms of alcohol abuse and dependence and can help save their lives in time.

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