What is a hand held Shower Head?

hand held shower head is a bathroom accessory. Its function is, like that of a shower, to spray tap water so that the water covers more surface. In this way, it offers more comfort and reduces daily water consumption. Therefore, it is one of the most essential shower accessories such as shower tray, shower curtain, sink, soap dish, bidet, towel rack, toothbrush, hand dryer or bath mat. This material has the advantage of being robust and resistant to oxidation caused by the constant humidity of the knob. Other lighter and more affordable materials such as plastic (ABS, polypropylene …) are also used for its manufacture. This material is less robust than stainless steel, but it is highly resistant to oxidation and allows for a very elegant chrome finish.

This type of appliance can be improved with other bathroom appliances. In that case, it is called a shower column or shower set. It is then connected directly to a kitchen faucet through a rigid conduit connected to a wall. The knob is fixed in height, on the wall or on the ceiling serves to diffuse the water. There are also models of recessed showers for the wall. Each part of these devices can be disassembled. In this case, it will be connected to the tap by means of a hose. The hand shower can be easily attached to a stand or shower bar when not in use. It should be noted that there are also models that combine a fixed knob with a removable hand shower.

Advantages of the hand shower slide bar

A handheld shower slide bar is an easy way to make your shower adjustable for people of varying heights. Here are some benefits to installing a hand held shower head slide bar.

Height adjustable shower sliders can be installed in a variety of configurations. The slide bar can not only be installed in a vertical alignment, it can also be installed horizontally and diagonally. With each setting, the slide bar hand shower can be adjusted so that the water hits the muscles in the right place for maximum penetration of muscle heat.

Multiple handheld shower heads

In some cases, slide bar handheld showers may have multiple shower heads installed. With a sliding shower rod, having multiple shower heads means that one shower head can be placed to hit the back of the neck and another on the lower back, where muscles are often tense and need a relaxing massage. in the shower.

Biggest benefits of using handheld shower

One of the biggest benefits of using handheld shower slider systems is that they can make showering tremendously easier for people with mobility issues. For people who are in a wheelchair or have difficulty standing, a handheld shower slide bar system can allow the shower head to be adjusted to a height where they can comfortably shower without needing to stand. Plus, they use the hand shower to easily wash their hair or have the added benefit of massaging the muscles with warm and hot water. For people who cannot leave their wheelchair, the use of a hand shower slide bar can make showering easier for them and their companion. You can take people under the stream of water and adjust the shower head to a height that makes the water comfortably reach your head and body. Most hand shower sliders also meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act to create a safe bathing and showering system in apartments, homes, and group living settings for disabled and elderly residents.

Shower Heads Comparative Guide

A comfortable bathroom should have a good shower head. Whether rounded, square, fixed or removable and whatever the material it is made of, this equipment is essential for everyone to shower easily, for a fresh, bright and powerful shower. In order to make the shower as comfortable as possible, it must be chosen with the greatest care. However, this choice is not easy in view of all the offers available on the market. Designers show more and more imagination creating more and more original and efficient showers, combining quality and design. In order not to get lost in this wide and disparate offer, we have prepared this comparative shower guide for you. You will find all the useful information and tips to apply to identify the model whose characteristics best suit your needs and expectations.

How do they work?

The shower head connects directly to the plumbing circuit through a mixer. This tap sends the water that will be expelled from the shower head. For better water distribution, the shower head is equipped with a multi-hole water outlet whose diameter varies depending on the model. The water outlet is generally rounded on removable shower heads. Its diameter varies between 6 cm and 10 cm depending on the size. For fixed models, this diameter can reach from 20 cm to 25 cm. They can be rounded, but also triangular or square. The water outlet can be equipped with a system to modify the jet, but also the water flow. For example, a higher flow rate with a higher pressure is more efficient for rinsing. As the shower plays a relaxing role, the jet can also be massaged to promote relaxation. This jet control system can have a pause mode to stop the water supply without having to turn off the tap.

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