What is a caregiver service? How is the Caregiver Service in BD?

A caregiver helps a person with a paid or unpaid member social network with their daily living activities. Caregivers usually help with vulnerabilities related to old age, disability, any disease, or mental disorder. The general responsibilities of a caregiver are caring for a person who has a chronic illness or disease; Administering medication on behalf of someone or talking to doctors and nurses; Helping someone weak or disabled to take a bath or dress up; Or to process both formal and informal health-related documentation for family chores, food care, or unable to do these things alone.

In Bangladesh, the contribution of a caregiver for elderly people has been recognized as an important one both functionally and economically. Many organizations providing support for people with disabilities have developed different types of support for caregivers to make it easier to get the best home care BD service at home.

What does a Caregiver Do?

A caregiver is a person who takes primary responsibility for a person who cannot take full care of himself or herself. The primary caregiver may be a family member, trained professional, or any other person, but they are often unable to take full responsibility for home care services in Dhaka. For example guardianship and custody of children

A person may need care due to loss of health, memory loss, the onset of illness, a falling event, anxiety or depression, depression, or an inactive state. Some people who need care need someone to take care of their breathing. It is expected that a caregiver will notice changes in breathing and if a doctor advises a caregiver to keep an eye on something, the caregiver should be able to follow the doctor’s instructions in monitoring that person. If necessary, oxygen cylinder rent should be arranged in Dhaka.

Keeping the Person Mentally Alert 

There is a link between mental health and physical health and mind-body intervention can enhance physical health by improving mental health. Caregivers encourage people to leave their homes for physical health benefits and mental activities as a result. Depending on a person’s condition, walking or going to the park with their own neighborhood may require planning or risk, but it is best to do so if possible.

Eating assistance 

Caregivers help people to eat healthily. This assistance may include dietary advice based on dietitian recommendations, bodyweight monitoring, difficulty swallowing or eating, adhering to dietary restrictions, assisting in the use of any dietary supplement, and arranging enjoyable meals. 

Assist with Medication Administration

Caregivers have an important role to play in supporting people by administering medications at home. A person living with a chronic illness may have complex medication regimens including multiple medications and doses at different times of the day. Caregivers can help manage medications in a variety of ways.

Final Words

A caregiver plays an important role in caring for a sick elderly person at home. Other family members may be caring but not as skilled and trained as caregivers. In addition, only a caregiver can tell when an elderly person needs different types of care, such as when they will need physiotherapy home service in Dhaka.

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