What Happen When You Vape Without Juice 

One of the biggest things about vaping is the ability to select your nicotine strength, which also has zero nicotine as an option. Many of those who vape start with the aim of weaning off nicotine to zero level after some time. They use vapers to break their addiction to nicotine, so they can quit smoking easily.

Also, some vaping enthusiasts have never used nicotine in their lives, and instead, they use CBD vape pens. So what happens when you vape without juice? In other terms, what happens when you vape with zero nicotine?

Untangle yourself from nicotine toxicity

In scenarios where there is no nicotine, all the ingredients in your e-juice are made from high-quality organic ingredients. These are food-grade components that will never pose any threat to your health. However, a small number of people might be allergic to some of the ingredients that are used, but that is nothing more than just being allergic to something. That has got nothing to do with the vape juice.

There is no addiction

Vaping without juice is the surest way of fighting nicotine addiction. However, those who want to enjoy vaping, but without getting them to use nicotine can go for vaping without juice. There are many brands of zero mg nicotine e-juice.

Fortunately, it’s now a requirement to label every e-juice to show whether it has nicotine or not.  Concerning this, manufacturers should show that their product contains nicotine, which is a chemical that makes users addicted to it. They should also show on the label if the product is made from tobacco.

Other than the isolated issues that pertain to mislabeling, which can occur in all industries, the truth is that no nicotine e-juice isn’t made from any form of tobacco, and doesn’t include nicotine. This means that the product is not chemically addictive, regardless of the kind of spin that is put to it.

Without nicotine, you can still vape and enjoy yourself without getting overboard. Those who have overdone nicotine will feel dizzy, and could also feel lethargic, buzzed, or speedy at times. It could leave you feeling sick. This is not anything that someone would want. But at times, you may still want to vape and enjoy the experience that comes with it. That way, you can vape without juice and still feel great. It’s a pastime activity that you can continue with but reduces the dangers that you put yourself into.

Vaping without juice means no nicotine. It’s zero mg juice. Keep vaping as you did before, but without the dangerous effects that nicotine can have on your health.

Satisfy your inner desire without guilt

For most vapers, some vape to keep on checking their sugar intake.  Depending on the specific condition of your health, mindless eating sugary foods can be problematic. So nicotine does not have to be in the mix for you to enjoy this benefit. That’s why vaping without juice rocks.

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