What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health

Our physical appearances say a lot about our health. You could tell someone has a cold by seeing that their face is pale, their nose is red, and so on. You could also tell a lot about a person’s health by looking at their hair! Our hair says a lot about us. If there is a problem with our hair, it most likely is a sign that we are not in our healthiest state. Here is what you should understand about your health from different conditions in your hair.

If You Lose Hair Too Much

Hair loss is a widely experienced problem by many people, so it might be temporary and insignificant in some cases. But if you suffer from constant hair loss or an unusual amount of hair loss, it might be a sign that you are dehydrated or malnourished. Dehydration shows itself simply with hair loss or hair breakages. Moreover, iron deficiency causes excessive shedding of hair.

When hair loss caused by iron deficiency is seen in women, it might be a sign of a disease called polycystic ovary syndrome that imbalances women’s hormones and disrupts the body overall. One of the easily seen consequences is hair loss.

Extreme hair loss could also be due to genetic factors. In that case, if you want to have thicker hair, you might consider a fue hair transplant  whose success rates are very good and scientifically proven to be beneficial. Hair transplant in Turkey are operations that are actually one of the reasons people visit Turkey from other countries. If you are struggling with genetic hair loss, you might want to check centers around there.

If Your Hair Appears Lifeless

Think about the products you use for your skincare and the diet you prepare for your skin to glow. Your hair needs the exact attention, if not more. Your hair requires certain vitamins and minerals, and it is your job to provide your hair with these, by rethinking your food intake.

If you are complaining about dull hair that looks lifeless and dim, it might be a sign of deficiency of vitamins A, B, D, and you might need to consume more foods that are rich in these vitamins.

If Your Hair Grows Too Slowly or Breaks

Everybody has unique hair that has its own color, thickness, or growing speed. Some people grow hair too fast and some rather slower. But, if your hair grows extremely slowly, it might be a sign of protein deficiency. Your body requires protein to grow hair, amongst other vital functions. If you do not consume enough protein regularly, your hair will keep breaking and not growing. If you want to grow your hair faster and have strong and thick hair, you need to consume more protein on a daily basis. Some of the foods that are rich in protein are milk, cheese, red meat, chicken, lentils, beans, and eggs.

If Your Hair Has a Thinning Problem

Thinning in hair is usually a sign of thyroid gland disease. When the production of thyroid hormone decreases or rises above the normal level, your hair breaks, gets thinner, and looks very lifeless. If you are complaining about the mentioned problems, you should see a doctor and check your hormone levels as soon as possible.

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