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What Do Your Favorite Sandals Say About You?

According to actor Oscar Isaac, “For me, with a character, you start with the shoes.” Can this also be applied in real life or with your favourite sandals?

Of course, you can’t tell who someone is based on the women’s sandals they wear alone. But did you know that the sandals you often wear say something about your personality?

Research has shown a correlation between appearance cues and someone’s personality, status or politics. Participants of this study were right about the age, gender, income, and attachment anxiety of shoe owners, which means that the shoes you wear can truly say something about you. And this also holds true with sandals.

So, what’s your favourite pair of sandals? Can it show that you’re an adventurer or a leader?

Let’s find out.

1. Flat Sandals and Flip Flops

You’re carefree and fun! You value comfort and convenience when you’re up and about, just like what your comfortable and easy-to-wear slippers offer. And you love to wear them at the beach because you love the sea, sun, and sand the most.

People get along well with you because you’re honest, fun, and you rarely get mad. You’re also kind and can act as the pacifier of the group. Moreover, it doesn’t take long for others to like you because of your cheerful personality.

2. Strappy Utility Sandals

You’re an adventurer! And it doesn’t matter what kind. You may be an outdoor person who loves to go anywhere on an adventure. Or you may be the kind who loves to try new things and experience something you never had before. Whichever you are, it is clear that you want to live your life on the edge.

Of course, utility sandals are just the right footwear for your lifestyle. But, you just need to wear them tight so that you can go hard and high on your next adventure.

3. Wedges and High-Heeled Sandals

You’re a leader! You want to take the reins and hold them tight because you are sure to bring everything where they need to be. You are the boss, and you’re in charge.

But even with your no-nonsense attitude, you’re also capable of being fun. You are full of energy and want to be at the centre, whether it’s serious business or playful activities.

4. Platform Sandals

You’re a fashionista! You’re always in the know when it comes to the newest trends, whether it’s fashion, music, food, and even national news. You’re unique, and it shows, especially when you wear your platform sandals.

5. Sturdy Slip-Ons

You’re a go-getter! You’re proactive and want to succeed in every endeavour you take. And just like your favourite sturdy slip-ons, you can handle stress without breaking down. You have enough energy to finish every task given to you, and you aren’t afraid to chase your dreams.

So, while women’s sandals can give you snippets of someone’s personality, why they wear them still boils down to their preference, or it may simply be because of the weather. Thus, what others often wear shouldn’t be used to judge them. After all, Kenneth Cole once said, “The average woman falls in love seven times a year. Only six are with shoes.” This simply tells that women can’t have just one favourite, right? It’s your personality, your feet, and your sandals. So, wear whatever and whenever you want.

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