What Are Top 5 Things In NBA 2K22 That 2K Must Fix 

NBA 2K22 is around the corner. The official release date of NBA 2K22 is going to be on Friday, September 10, 2021. We saw a glimpse of gameplay on the 12th of July, as well as the soundtrack along with a list of artists on the 20th of July. What can we expect from NBA 2K22? Actually, there are some checks and balances that need to be fixed before NBA 2K22 drops.  Today, dive into the top 5 things the 2K must fix for 2K22, so the players can have a better game experience. If you don’t know where to buy NBA 2K22 MT, is the most trustworthy store for cheap NBA 2K22 MT.

1. Perimeter Defense

We need to buff the clamps and bump animations on the perimeter. Dunking is out of control next year that wouldn’t even be a problem if you could at least slow people down on the perimeter. There are so many moments and times where you’re in position, but the guy that’s dribbling around you doesn’t even touch you, just runs right past you where you used to get a bump animation or your player would actually tack on to him and bump him as he’s going. We were already used to that in 2K19 and 2K20 where defense meant something even current gen 2K21 the defense is a lot better than next gen 2k 21 defense.

2. Overpowered Dunking

2K needs to tone down the overpowered dunking in NBA 2K22. Everybody has max dunking, most people don’t make builds without a 95 to a 99 driving dunk, but at no means should they be able to just dunk on everyone in the paint at all times. It’s so much easier you can just drive into the lane and get an easy dunk on anybody, even if you’re a big man with defense. We’re going to touch on strength, interior defense, block ratings and badges. People are getting way too many dunk animations at all times without costing much NBA 2K MT​. It was never like this in the past, it really shouldn’t be like this now.

3. Clarity On Attributes

2K devs need to be clear about strength, interior defense and block rating. What impact does that have on stopping people in the paint from getting easy dunks? If we have more NBA2K22 MT or someone that could come out and explain to us do a tutorial on that. But there’s nobody tackling defense the way they used to. If 2K can break down what would make you a better defensive player in the game.

4. Shot Contests

Allow more than one player to be able to contest the shot without jumping. People knock down whites and they green certain shots when there’s two of us standing in front of them. At times we don’t want to jump out on them, but because our teammate already did that, the games haven’t been written into the coding to where only one person can interact and put his hand up. If there are two or three people standing there, why should only one player be able to put his hand up to contest that shot? As a matter of fact that, everyone has to jump in order to really affect change up that shot. If you don’t jump, your hand doesn’t go up, your man is just standing there.

5. Tighter Crossover Angles

Sometimes in NBA 2K21, when you do a certain crossover you take a wide-angle to get to the basket and it really wasn’t like that in previous 2ks especially on next gen. If you take a hesitation, you can quick first step straight in a straight line and go right down the middle. But if you do a crossover, your crossover sends you at a wider angle. It’s better if it was more of a shorter angle just like in real life. When you cross the guy right in front of you, you should be able to hesi step cross over and blow right past him in a closer distance, rather than going five feet on a wide-angle and then try to get to the rim where you have low stamina.

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