What are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

Consuming alcoholic drinks is not really bad for one’s health; in fact, it can even help the body to get rid of harmful toxins. However, it is the excess of anything that causes problems. So, when drinking goes off the hook and it is already uncontrollable, the delirium of hurting oneself and others will begin.

There is a difference between drinking occasionally and excessive drinking. Drinking a bottle or two every day is acceptable, but drinking more than that on a daily basis is really alarming and will cause a disturbance for sure, ultimately leading you to an addiction treatment center. So, are you bothered that your drinking is no longer a hobby rather an addiction? The food news is that there are many good options available, and you can also get life coaching in addiction treatment.

Please, read the following warning signs of alcoholism to see if you have already caused the boundaries of a normal drinker:

  • If you have been waking up in the morning every day without you being able to remember what happened the night before you passed out, you may want to analyze yourself more because you may now be walking the path to alcoholism.
  • An alcoholic’s appearance gradually changes because of too much alcohol in the body. Eyes are sunken, the body becomes skinny, the face looks older than normal, and hands are always shaky are some of the physical changes that will be evident in alcoholics. So, you need to take a good look at the mirror and mind your physical appearance to detect if they are already visible enough.
  • Alcoholics are always craving alcohol and fail to function well without it. If you find it really hard to last a day without alcohol and can’t stop thinking about it, then that’s a warning sign of alcoholism as well!
  • Alcoholics always try to find a reason to drink. He or she will look for a friend’s celebration, a party, a special event which includes drinking, etc., just to satisfy his urge.
  • They often drink alone, and they drink too much! Yes, you may have a high volume of drinking than your friends, but when you still feel the urge to drink more ‘by yourself’ after the celebration is another story!
  • Alcoholics display disturbing behaviors when drunk. They tend to hurt people and act violently towards others and get easily ticked off when other people scold them about their excessive drinking.
  • An alcoholic person tries to hide from their friends or family when they drink to avoid confrontation. They usually do this to block the chances of letting others get in the way of their addiction to alcohol.

If you can observe these warning signs of alcoholism on yourself, then you need to act fast and seek professional help from a professional addiction treatment center. There are a number of treatments available and one of which is the medication assisted treatment which combines psychotherapy or counseling with certain medications. Being an alcoholic will result in a string of mishaps that can’t only make you lose your job or your family, but they will make you lose yourself and your grasp of reality. You shouldn’t make yourself suffer; help yourself get off the path of alcoholism.

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