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What are the top coverages you can get with production insurance?

If you are a film director or are in the movie business, you need to figure out how you can safeguard your belongings and your equipment.

Instead of just winging it and hoping for the best when it comes to the safety of your equipment, you can prepare for the worst by doing some research ahead of time, figuring out how to protect yourself, and looking into the best ways to protect your company.

Click here to see the top coverages you should get for your movie or TV-making business so you can safeguard and protect your future and finances!

The top coverages you can get from production insurance!

Short term production insurance

One of the top things you can get for your project is short-term production insurance. Short-term production insurance offers coverage for your equipment and your property to make sure that you’re not losing thousands of dollars if something is damaged in the process of your project.

For example, short-term production insurance can cover any different types of equipment for up to 15 consecutive days, the perfect choice for those who are shooting for around 2 weeks on a new project. You can cover items like $50,000 of rented equipment, $100,000 of rented equipment, $250,000 of rented equipment, and budgets of up to $250,000.

Furthermore, short term production insurance covers short-term rented equipment of up to $1,00,000, short term general liability limits of up to $5 million, short-term third-party damage of up to $2 million, commercial general liability of up to $1 million, and $5 million in commercial general liability.

Long term production insurance

In addition to short-term insurance, you can pay for long-term production insurance to cover your long-duration project for your TV or film idea. Although it can be time-consuming and difficult to get insurance, the price and the effort are well worth the price and the money you will be saving in the long run!

Make sure that you safeguard your project and safeguard your equipment to ensure you are going to have a smooth, seamless, and efficient film-making process all the way through. So, what is long-term production insurance?

This type of insurance means that you can shoot for a project multiple times throughout the year. Although this type of insurance is used by active companies, you can also employ this type of coverage if you are an entrepreneur or short-term filmmaker. Make sure that you get quotes for both short-term and long-term production insurance before putting any money down!


For artists, TV makers, and filmmakers who want to make sure their equipment and space are protected during the duration of their filming, you should look into short-term or long-term production insurance. By figuring out what type of insurance works best for your company, you can safeguard your equipment, protect your future, and pay off any financial damage that can harm you in the long run.

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