What are the top attractions to explore at Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a beautiful blend of century-old architectural masterpieces and one-of-a-kind modern structures. Ahmedabad comes out as one of India’s important cities, offering a diverse range of cuisine and lodging alternatives. Locals refer to Ahmedabad as Amdavad. Ahmedabad provides a wide range of activities to make your vacation unforgettable, from seeing a gorgeous lakeside in the city area to enjoying an afternoon in the older outskirts, viewing ancient buildings to exploring the world-renowned Gandhi Ashram. For your lodging requirements, the city also features antique hotels and rental properties. Here are some of the greatest activities to see in Ahmedabad:

1. Kankaria Lake should be visited.

Kankaria Lake, which is situated in the Maninagar region, was once renowned as Hauz E Qutub. Surrounding Kankaria, a constructed lakeside provides a variety of activities for people of all ages. Here you’ll find a water slides, rides, a zoo, ballon rides, food vendors, a toy train, and a variety of other amusement options. A special musical and art exhibition named as Kankaria Carnival is furthermore performed here during the last weekend of December.

Nagina Wadi, a garden-themed recreational area, is located in the center of Kankaria Lake. It was constructed for the king’s enjoyment in olden history. Through the lakeside to Nagina Wadi, a solid, tree-lined path stretches. During the evenings, there are musical waterfalls and laser exhibitions. Kankaria is a great area to visit in Ahmedabad for a weekend getaway.

2. Spend a couple of hours on the banks of the Sabarmati River.

The Sabarmati River Bank is Ahmedabad’s biggest modern construction and one of the city’s latest rehabilitation initiatives. The Sabarmati Riverfront has two sections. There are spaces for only walkers and bicycles on both banks of the River Sabarmati, while the upper level two region is for numerous events, games, recreational areas, and commercial malls.

In the evening, you may enjoy a stunning panoramic vision of the town from the Sabarmati Riverbank. The city is separated in two by the Sabarmati River. The riverbank offers boating and ziplining opportunities. Alongside, there are other parks, playgrounds, and the Gujari Bazaar, an open-air marketplace. Several Indian movies have been produced at the Sabarmati Riverside in recent years. After a long walk at this spot, you have the reasons for reserving a room at Hyatt Ahmedabad.

3. Dining at Neelkanth Patang, a rotating restaurant.

This is Ahmedbad’s greatest unique beauty. Neelkanth Patang is a rotating eatery on Ashram Road nearby Nehru Bridge. It’s an eatery in a tower that serves Continental, Asian, and Indian cuisine.

The greatest spot to eat lunches or dinners is at Neelkanth Patang restaurant. It’s a unique atmosphere if you want to observe Ahmedabad town in the sunset with glimpses of vehicles and the lovely golden sun all over the Sabarmati River, or enjoy a peaceful and memorable evening observing the city lit up. You must arrange your reservation 2 day ahead, so keep in mind you do so when you are in town.

4. A weekend in Ahmedabad’s old neighborhoods

The Sabarmati River divides Ahmedabad into two sections. The old center of Ahmedabad, with its historic buildings, churches, and temples, is located in the east. The West, on the other hand, is the newer Ahmedabad, complete with sophisticated artwork and buildings. Enjoying a weekend in the historic neighborhoods of Ahmedabad is a must-do experience for everyone visiting the city!

In the older areas, prominent gateways like Teen Darwaja, Bhadra Gate, Lal Darwaja, Raipur Gate, and Delhi Darwaja are all remarkable. Roadside street purchasing in the Bhadra Region and Raipur is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This location’s traffic, pedestrians, conversations, and overall perspective are simply spectacular. Exploring the Bhadra Fort or Siddhi Sayed Jali transfers you to another era in Ahmedabad’s history. Eating traditional Ahmedabad cuisine at Manekchowk, a famous night street food location, will undoubtedly fulfill your hunger.

5. Shopping on the well-known C.G. Road

Ahmedabad would not disappoint you whenever it relates to purchasing. C.G Road is the location to go if you would like to purchase inexpensive and distinctive items from street sellers in older neighborhoods but also wish to purchase at multinational retail stores. C.G Road, which stretches from Mahalakshmi crossroads to Sardar Patel Stadium, is a great place to purchase and enjoy local cuisine.

Gadgets, Gujarati traditional clothing, current party clothing, rooftop eateries, and hotels may all be found in numerous supermarkets and retail establishments. During the day, the Municipal Market on C.G. Street provides a large variety of food choices. And after this hectic day, you can feel the benefits of choosing to stay at Hyatt Ahmedabad.

6. Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi

This is the house wherein Mahatma Gandhi and his wife resided approximately 12 years. It is now Gujarat’s and India’s top recognized attraction. It includes a stunning assortment of pictures and artworks by Gandhi. There are additional displays of Gandhi’s speeches, manuscripts, and other mementos.

Every year, roughly 750,000 people explore this location. The Ashram is home to Gandhi’s precious charkha, which he utilized to weave khadi, as well as his private work table. A 90-minute walking tour is also available with a prior registration at the Ashram! This is a must-see ashram if you want to soak up Mahatma Gandhi’s aura.

7. Shahibaug’s Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple in Shahibaug is a remarkable masterpiece of Ahmedabad’s distinctive religious landmarks. Throughout the historical ages, Lord Swaminarayan visited Ahmedabad and established a temple in the Shahibaug neighborhood. Under the direction of H.H Pujya Pramukh Swami, the temple was refurbished and restored.

This temple will offer you a pleasant vibe with its statues of Lord Swaminarayan, Lord Hanuman, and Ganeshji. While touring the temple, specific rules and practices must be maintained. Whenever you arrange your trip, keep in mind to have a look at those.

Apart from these activities, there are a plethora of more to choose from, including Vishala, a must-visit exotic restaurant for foodies. It actually has a selection of must-try roadside snacks. The IIM-Ahmedabad complex, which is also home to Gujarat University as well as Asia’s leading management institution, provides world-class business administration learning and is a fascinating sight for seeing. Ahmedabad, as we’ve observed, has a lot to provide tourists of all types. It is a spectacular city.

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