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What are the must-have nail supplies in your next kit?


It’s a known fact that nail art can be transformed from an everyday look to a statement-making accessory with the right tools. Whether you’re looking for some new products or just want to know what items are essential—and which ones aren’t—to keep in your nail supplies kit, here is what you need to know-

Nail Polish

Nail polish is just what it sounds like: a polishing agent for nails. It comes in many forms, from gels that cure under UV light to acrylics that harden with an activator and last for weeks (if you’re lucky).

But no matter the formulation, nail polish works best when applied in thin coats with a small brush. If applying polish on your own, ensure to wipe off any excess on the bottle cap so it doesn’t get stuck between your cuticles while drying.

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Clipper and Emery Board

Now that you know how to use them, let’s talk about how to take care of them.

Use clippers and emery boards in a well-lit area, and be sure the surface you’re working on is flat.

Make sure your nails are dry and free of moisture before clipping them: If they aren’t dry, they can chip and break during the cutting process; if they’re too wet, it will be harder for you to cut off just enough length without going too far and making your nails look jagged at the edges (which can happen when using an emery board).

Be careful not to cut yourself while using a clipper or emery board: Always make sure your tool is sharp!

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a must-have for your nail kit. It helps to keep nails looking good and healthy. The oil also keeps cuticles moisturized, preventing them from being overgrown or dry. A moisturized cuticle will allow you to push back the skin around your nail more easily with less pain, which helps prevent hangnails or any other damage that could happen if you have dry skin around your nails.

Cuticle oils come in many different formulas: some are thick and tacky while others are light and watery, but all of them function the same way: they soften dried-out skin so that it can be pushed back gently without causing any pain or irritation.

Gentle Scrub

A good gentle scrub can do wonders for your skin. It removes dead skin cells, cleans out under and around the nails, and leaves your hands feeling smooth and soft after use. A gentle scrub is also a must-have in any nail kit!

Hand Cream

Hand cream is essential to your kit, especially if you’re a manicurist who works with your hands all day. To maintain healthy hands, it’s important to apply hand cream and consistently use protective gloves when necessary.

Nail Polish Remover

There are two types of nail polish remover: acetone and non-acetone. Acetone is the harsh one, so if you’re going to use that, be sure to wear latex gloves. Non-acetone can be used on bare skin without fear of damage (less drying), but it won’t eliminate all the polish and acetone.

To ensure your nails don’t dry out when using nail polish remover for long periods, always soak them in water before wetting them with a cotton ball soaked with remover. If you apply the remover directly onto your nails and let them sit while they dry out, they’ll get damaged!


The best kind of gloves for nail art is nitrile, as they’re thin enough to allow for precision and dexterity but thick enough to protect you from the chemicals in polish remover. And foldable ones are even better because they take up less space in your kit!


With these nail supplies, you can create beautiful nail art and manicures. These are the must-have nail supplies that every nail artist needs.

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