What are the Benefits of Purchasing from IT Resellers or Distributors?

Your business requires IT solutions and products to run the processes smoothly. With the advent of video conferencing and remote working, you need suitable hardware and software. However, you’re wondering whether you should purchase from an IT reseller or direct supplier?

IT product resellers like a Logitech reseller enhance and speed up the purchasing process. Wondering how? They remove the communication barriers and streamline the process without having to contact one department after the other.

This post highlights how IT resellers based locally can assist you better than direct suppliers. Read on to make a smart purchasing decision!

Why Choose IT Resellers?

Several IT brands partner with distributors or resellers to provide seamless services and reduce the barriers. The distributors assist in ceasing the gap between the customers and the IT companies.

Logitech International generated about 5.25 billion US Dollars globally in 2021 alone. Hence, the expansion of the IT services and resellers shows that customers have found them resourceful.

The following pointers highlight how IT resellers can be beneficial for customers.

Economical Purchases

As the IT Resellers are based locally, you need not go to the company’s service centre. Thus, you can save time and money by visiting the distributor directly.

The distributors aid you in a purchase or provide services and consultation. Moreover, they ensure to help you make economical purchases.

Fewer Barriers

Contacting a company and fixing the issue or making a purchase may seem like a long process.

This is because you would talk to the front desk first, they will redirect you to the other department. Finally, you will have to juggle between departments to solve one issue or make one purchase.

However, in the case of a distributor, you need not contact them directly. The agency will give a stipulated time to fix an issue. Alternatively, if you are looking for solutions or purchases, they will facilitate the process.

As they are based locally, the scale of the customers is also limited. Hence, they can provide individual attention to their customers. With distributors, the barriers are significantly reduced.

Smaller Quantity Purchase

In most cases, the direct suppliers sell products and components in large quantities. If you’re a smaller company or looking for individual purchases, direct suppliers are not an ideal choice.

The direct suppliers offer discounts only on bulk orders. On individual orders, you may not get a similar benefit.

With distributors or resellers, you have a clear advantage as you can order the products or components in small quantities. Plus, you can purchase them at affordable prices.

Services Offered by IT Resellers

The IT Resellers have an array of solutions. They have partnered with IT companies to make abundant choices available. The ones mentioned below are some business solutions offered by them.

  • Video Collaboration: You can set up home offices and personal workspace offered by various brands such as Logitech.
  • Desktop Solutions: Business webcams, Headphones for conferences.
  • Small Rooms: Premier video bars for small meeting rooms, touch-to-join.
  • Medium Rooms: Rally systems and Rally bars.
  • Large Rooms: For video enablement in boardrooms and larger rooms. For example, Rally plus systems.
  • Conference Cameras: Wide range of cameras to cater to different conference video collaboration needs.

IT resellers provide both software and hardware solutions.

The IT industry is ever-growing, and the need for expansion of business solutions is evident too.

If you run a business, you would have observed how the remote work culture has shaped your business. Moreover, the advent of these new work cultures leaves businesses no option other than to invest in new technologies.

Businesses now rely on distributors, like a Logitech reseller, to update their business technologies and increase the scope of business.

If your business needs advanced and robust IT solutions, you can contact an IT reseller today!

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