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As the world is shifting towards technology and the internet, people are looking towards solving all their technical issues with the help of the internet. Music is something that makes human life amazing. It releases stress and gives relaxation when you listen to your favorite music. What if you want to convert your favorite music in wav format and want to have it in mp3 format?

Well, Wav is a widely used audio format developed for Windows by Microsoft. It is the default audio format for Windows. But it supports almost all the Operating Systems. WAV files are comparatively larger than MP3 files. It is mostly used to create music files in audio CDs. It can save music files at different bit rates. WAV formats have high quality and occupy more space.

MP3 is an audio format that can compress and encode an audio file. It uses the lossy squeezing algorithm to contain audio data. The lossy compression helps to reduce the data without correspondingly, losing audio quality. MP3s are created using different bit rates maintaining the original quality.

Steps to convert wav to mp3 format

There are millions of free and premium tools and platforms available over the internet. But the conversion process of the wav file to mp3 format varies from tool to tool. Here are the common steps or stages that every sort of conversion tool or software has.

  • Drop and drag the file on the page
  • Select the mp3 format from the list then click the convert button.
  • From the audio menu on the bottom, select the wav converter option.

Where can you convert Wav to MP3?

There is a great deal of Wav to MP3 converters online. However, you find thousands of converters for free and paid along with different subscription plans. But it depends on what you’re looking for and what tool is the best one to use. Are you looking for a free Wav to MP3 converter? Or are you more concerned with finding the fastest Wav to MP3 converter?

Make sure you keep this in mind when trying conversion tools. You should choose the one that gives you at least the best possible services and saves your precious time.

Pros and Cons Of online converters

Browsing the internet when you have to convert a video format to audio and vice versa is not always as smooth as you think. There is always a continuous debate about whether to use online tools or offline software to convert files. There are many pros and cons of using an online tool for converting files that will help you to understand and avoid some common mistakes users make while selecting online tools.

Pros of using online converters

  • Most of the online converting tools are either cheap or free, you can easily convert any format to the desired one by spending very little or no money.
  • Most of the online tools work fast; it means the conversion takes place within seconds.
  • There are diverse conversion options, while using online conversion tools you can convert your file to almost any format. You do not have to download various offline software for converting files.
  • Online converting tools save your hard disk space as you don’t have to download and install any software on your computer, just browse online and convert the file to your desired format.

Cons of using Online Conversion Tools

  • When we talk about any task being done online. Our biggest concern is a live internet connection and if we do not have a sound internet connection then online working tools are less preferable.
  • There is always a security concern when we use an online tool. Any file we put online is at risk. You never know when hackers may break the security and steal the information.

Top 3 Wav to MP3 Converters

There are a number of platforms or tools that enable you to convert WAV files to MP3 files. You can copy audio tags from the source file to the objective file. These tools are very fast and well suited to desktop computers and other devices.

Here are the top three free wav to mp3 online converters that can convert wav to mp3 on the fly. Some of these below converters will convert your wav files to mp3 and also convert mp3 to wav and other audio formats.


Evano is thought of as the world’s best video along with editing and audio file formats online. It gives users all over the globe the possibility to convert, download, and edit files in virtually any format available. One amazing thing about evano is that it is an all-purpose package. Which means it takes out all of the functions of regular media bundles.

Features Of Evano

  • The most fundamental characteristic of Evano is the video downloading, transformation, and editing procedure.
  • This platform allows users to get video and audio content from assorted websites. Users can transform from one file format to another. The record formats supported include Mp4, AVI, Flac, MKV, etc.
  • Documents are better handled using Evano.
  • It gives the highest quality in the best possible amount of time. is a free tool. Downloader is free to download high-quality music and song files in mp3 format. This application comprises millions of mp3 music in all countries. It also comprises various categories of music like rock, jazz, pop, rap, classic, etc. Free mp3 finder is a superior site to download music free online without software.


Ontiva is a modern Youtube downloader that can download and convert Youtube videos for you. It is an online media conversion platform that enables you to download and convert Youtube to MP3, MP4, WAC, FLAC, WMV, OGG, ACC MP2, WMA, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, and virtually any common format.

Services of Ontive

  • Youtube to mp3 conversion
  • Youtube to mp4 conversion
  • Youtube to OGG conversion
  • Youtube to Wav conversion


Online audio-free converters are the best option for individuals. Especially for those who want to save time and money and convert multiple files at the same time. If the one above isn’t your favorite, try a few others out and see which works best for you.

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