Watch Guide: Origin and Top Collections of Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe is a Swiss luxury brand and clock manufacturer that is located in Canton Geneva, founded in 1839. It was owned by the Stern family in Switzerland Patek Philippe is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world and has a remarkable history ever since its founding.  The brand maintains over 400 retail locations around the world, In 2001 Patek Philippe opened a museum in geneva. This brand is considered one of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world for over a year of serving the top people in the world. In recent years Patek Philippe is being lined up as the world’s top ten expensive watches ever sold at auctions and most of the watches are Patek Philippe watches.

They introduced the Nautilus in 1976 it became one of the most sought-after watches. Nautilus was not the first luxury sports watch but it was positioned at a higher price point and has a tagline of “ One of the world’s costliest watches is made of steel”. The unusual case shape of the watch was inspired by a ship’s porthole, with a rounded octagonal bezel and ‘ears’ on the case they were made to make the watch easily recognizable. Over a 180 years successful legacy and the consistency of serving an innovation of luxury watches. The name Nautilus takes the name from the novel Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea of Jules Verne’s as the adventure of Captain Nemo.

The first Patek Nautilus was introduced in the year of 1976 and this watch has been held in high regard by all the watchmakers in the world. Here is the list of their top and outstanding collections.

1.NautilusFirst iconic top collection of Patek Philippe and the most expensive watch in the collection.  made in white gold and a cushion shape with 40 mm diameter and it has a caliber 240 Q, and an additional feature of water resistance of 60 m and power reserved that lasts up to  48 hours.

  1. Complications Second to the top collection of the brand and mostly the models has unique styles because Patek Philippe appreciates uncommon designs and that makes the brand stand out to other designer brands. It’s made in rose gold for men’s and a round shape with a 41 mm diameter and the unique strap made by alligator leather, Calibre CH 29-535 and features of water resistance 30 m and battery reserved for 65 hours.
  2. Aquanaut This collection is one of the most sought timepieces released by the luxury watchmaker. Launched in 2017 on the 20th anniversary of the line, Every collection has its own uniqueness that makes them stand out to the other brands. Made in white gold for men’s with a cushion case and a 42.2 diameter and the indexes of Arabic numerals, Calibre 324 S C with the special feature of water resistance 120 m and power reserved for 45 hours.
  1. Calatrava- It is one of the top watch brands housing a few of the very elegant and stylish swiss watches. And one such timeless invention from the Patek Philippe watch collection is the Calatrava. Third in line with the most expensive watch in the collection, made in a white gold case and a round shape with 39 mm of diameter caliber 324 S C and features of water resistance up to 30 m and battery reserved for 45 hours frequency of 4 Hz.

5.Grand Complications- One of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world, it is considered a pioneer of designing complicated watches in the collection. This Grand Complication has a unique feature that the other collection has day, date, month, leap year, and the 24- hours indication by hand and in line with the top and most expensive watches. It was made in white gold in a round shape and 40 mm diameter with a power reserved minimum of 35 hours up to 45 hours and water resistance of 30 m.

  1. Twenty- 4 Patek Philippe women’s collection made in a stainless steel case with a square shape case and 30 mm x 25 mm diameter, Calibre E15 with a feature of water resistance of 25 m.


Every brand has its own trademark in the market and the history itself. All of the watchmakers can build unique collections of watches and sell them to the market. In some part, not all the watchmakers have been known as a watchmaker but they also already have a family background in the history that’s why some of them are easy to be known. But whatever we do they are all the same in the function they just have a difference in the designs and other parts but the function itself is all the same.

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