Veritas Global Protection Helps Exotic Car Owners In Crisis

Cars are highly intertwined with people’s lives. If they were to break down suddenly, they would leave their owners in a bind. It would be difficult to go to work, fetch the children from school, buy the groceries, and move around in general.

Regular maintenance can help reduce the risk of mechanical failure, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility. That is why new cars roll out of the dealers with a warranty. Buyers can purchase with confidence, knowing that the manufacturer has their back.

Yet original warranties have proven to be inadequate for many owners. Veritas Global Protection is one of the companies trying to plug the gaps.

Manufacturer warranties have a limited scope. They are merely designed to counter defects and poor quality. They are better than nothing but far from meeting every need.

Warranties also run out after a while. Most of them will only last for about three years.

After this, buyers are on their own. Since most people keep their vehicles for a longer period, it is clear that the original warranty cannot be the only way to protect a car from breakdowns. This is especially true for those buying second-hand cars aged four years or older. There are great bargains in this class, but support is sorely lacking.

In contrast, a Veritas Vehicle Protection Plan can apply to a car that is either new or used. Anyone who wants to boost their manufacturer warranty can simultaneously get a protection plan.

Those who own cars that are no longer under warranty can also get a plan to cover breakdowns. This will safeguard their finances and ensure fast automotive service. Their diligence will reduce the disruption caused by the inoperable car. They can get back on the road faster and resume their normal activities.

Car warranties are usually set in stone based on the manufacturer’s terms. Meanwhile, third-party vehicle protection plans come in many different configurations. This gives car owners the freedom to choose a contract that works best for them. There is always something for every type of budget and requirement.

People can simply cover the essential parts of the vehicle, such as the engine and the transmission, for lower payments. The premium plans can also cover nearly everything inside the car with a few exclusions. Those who want something in the middle of these two extremes can also find a great deal from the plans provided by Veritas Global Protection.

Indeed, Veritas Global Protection has diverse offerings for all vehicle owners. They are not just confined to cars. Protection is also provided for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, and personal watercraft. They accept both fuel-powered and electric-powered vehicles.

Veritas even has a dedicated program for exotic vehicles such as the most expensive cars on the planet. These include sports cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini. These magnificent machines require utmost care and attention. Veritas has stepped up to provide that on behalf of their passionate owners.

The Exotic Plans come in three levels. The Veritas Global Protection Premier plan will cover almost all mechanical components in case of a breakdown for the owner’s peace of mind. Few items are not included, and these are all listed in the Exclusions section of the contract for clarity.

Meanwhile, the Exotic Preferred plan focuses on the vital components of gas or diesel-fueled cars. These include the engine, the steering, the transfer case, the electrical system, the brakes, the cooling system, and the driveline.

Lastly, the Exotic Deluxe plan includes everything covered by the Preferred plan with the addition of the suspension, the fuel system, the enhanced brakes, the air conditioning, and the enhanced electrical system.

Besides taking care of the parts and labor, the plans also consider the welfare and convenience of the owners themselves. Everyone knows that car breakdowns trigger multiple consequences, such as the sudden lack of a personal vehicle.

Suppose the vehicle stalled while on the road, then there’s the headache of getting it towed to safety. People traveling might have to cancel their plans and check into a nearby hotel until the car gets fixed.

If the damage is extensive, they might even have to rent a car in the meantime. The Exotic Plans discussed above include roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, towing, and travel expense reimbursement.

It is clear how much thought went into creating these service contracts. Veritas Global Protection is not just concerned about getting the machine back in shape.

The company covers all the bases so customers won’t miss their car too much while the repairs are ongoing. The exceptional service means never worrying about car troubles wherever they go. People can get back on track without missing a beat, thanks to the support of an industry leader.

A vehicle protection plan is there to help whenever car troubles arise. Its presence drastically reduces downtime and improves the ownership experience. Instead of stressing out about mechanical failures, car owners can simply file a claim and let the experts handle the matter.

Instead of handling the consequences alone, they can get roadside assistance, towing, and even car rental reimbursement. Thanks to Veritas Global Protection, owners can quickly move forward after their car breaks down.

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