Various Applications of Self-loading Concrete Mixers For Building Projects

A self-loading concrete mixer truck has multiple features that make it a worthwhile addition to construction projects. Its compact size and ability to operate the project on uneven and rough terrain make the construction work easier for engineers and workers. According to the owner of Nan Inc, cementing is not an easy task, and the use of a self-loading concrete mixer makes it easy and economical method for construction. Some exceptional features of concrete mixer truck are following:

  • It is joystick control and fitted with an operator cab at the front side of the truck.
  • It had a 400 liter drum capacity, and its glute offered manual tilt and slewing.
  • It has a short wheelbase, small turning radius, and limited height and width make it an excellent performer for all types of work.
  • A self-loading concrete mixer can discharge concrete by its drum tilting.
  • Its 4×4 wheel drive, suitable for rough terrain, makes the self-loader a good choice for construction work.
  • The hydraulic steering circuit and reversible seat make it a comfortable choice for operators.

Some uses of self-loading concrete mixer truck are as under:

  1. It uses in the subway, infrastructure construction works, and civil construction sites.
  2. It can quickly load, mix and unload concrete, so it is suitable for narrow site construction works.
  3. Its mixing tank can move and rotate all the sides, and the discharging process is much easier with a self-loading concrete mixer. It proves effective for time-saving and cost reduction.
  4. It is equipped with a quantitative water system and weighting system that help for correct mixture ratio. The right and proper mixing ratio make it best for small projects.
  5. Its strong adaptability and simple and easy operations are used for complex and remote road conditions and projects.
  6. The steering operation of the concrete mixer can help you to operate it in confined places.
  7. It uses constructing the mine, railway, bridges, and tunnel construction sites to meet high precision for excellent structural stability.
  8. The drum tilting provides quick concrete discharge, and it uses for delivering and mixing to various construction areas.
  9. It can reach in most uneven terrain and can operate in all types of geological areas.
  10. For the construction of a power plant, you may require a large amount of concrete. A self-loading concrete mixer is good to use for power plant construction.
  11. It is used for the hard-to-access areas, awkward sites, and village areas. It is a good choice because of its ability to climb with a full load and four-wheel drive.
  12. It can mix, produce, and discharge more than 100m3, and its applications are easy to follow for its users.
  13. Where concrete batching plants are not available, you can use a self-loading concrete mixer for the construction work.
  14. Self-loading mixers are suitable for foundation construction, national defense facilities, and high-speed railway construction.
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