Uses And Types Of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Though Disposable vinyl gloves hold various disadvantages, still they are a popular choice to use in various settings. Here are some of the most common uses of these gloves:

1. Cleaning:

The vinyl gloves can be used in cleaning projects which don’t revolve around the hazardous materials. The gloves can be used in tasks which ask for the prevention against contaminated substances. The disposable vinyl gloves can be used against low-risk detergents, soaps and other cleaning products.

2. Cooking

The disposable vinyl gloves are approved to be safe to use for the cooking purposes. Users who are into food service roles, can acquire these gloves.

3. Painting

Tasks which hold the potential risk of discoloration of hands may necessitate the use of disposable vinyl gloves. If you are a painter and want to prevent your hands from the discoloration of paints and dyes, then these gloves are an excellent choice. The high-quality vinyl and minimum weight offers comfort.

4. Protection against oily products

These gloves are a great source to provide protection against oily substances, liquids and acids. They serve well in food preparation where there is a need to minimize the cross contamination.

Types of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

The vinyl gloves come in powdered and non-powdered forms. The powdered gloves hold a thin layer of cornstarch powder which helps in holding on the glove. Also, the powder helps in absorption of perspiration. The powder helps to make sure that hands fit in easily and person feels comfortable.

On the other hand, powder-free gloves are preferred to minimize the risk of cross contamination. After one usage, these gloves can be disposed off.

Scope of vinyl gloves

When it comes to the scope, there is a varied scope of usage of vinyl gloves. There are various fields which can get benefit from these gloves including:

  • Industries-Industries can use these gloves to protect the hands of their workers from contamination of products and chemicals. Specifically, oil industries can use them for the protection against oils and grease. They provide protection against acids, chemicals and emulsions within the industrial setup.
  • Medical- Some of the low level medical tasks require vinyl gloves usage where there is no need for high protecting gloves.
  • Cooking- Cooking tasks often result in cuts and bad marks especially on hands. That’s why vinyl gloves are a good option to go.
  • Anti-static properties enable them to provide protection against cords and wires.

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