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Use The Engagement Calculator And Know Your Social Quotient On A Click!

What do you do in your free time? The answer is predictable. You are not alone because almost everyone does the same. It is surfing through social media. There is no other entertaining activity like sitting cozy on your bed and knowing about people all around the world. Besides, there is a bit of a contribution that even you make on the platform. Some people wait for you to post something.

Besides, some people use these social media handles for business and marketing purposes. The different accessories and products that are available are mind-blowing. You feel like ordering everything, right? That’s a tendency of almost everybody, so you are not doing anything wrong. However, others use the platform for showcasing their talent. These people make videos, reels, etc., to increase their interaction with the audience. Are you one of these? You put in so much effort for just one like or comment. Do you know your engagement rate? If not, then you need to make use of the engagement calculator. You shall also know the procedure for using the engagement calculator.

Advantages of Engagement Calculator-

You might be wondering that why do you need to know your engagement rate. You are working and making conscious efforts for every post you make. Whether it is a business account, a casual account, or an account for recreation, you need to know if there is an engagement or not. The conversion rate of your hard work shall manifest itself in the engagement rate.

Besides, with the engagement rate, you can devise your plan of action. If the rate is low, you will have to change your strategy or develop new ones. If it is good enough or more than expected, you can know that your plans are turning out well.

For people who are using social media for marketing purposes, the engagement calculator is something they cannot do without. You shall know about the engagement so that you can see if the purpose is served or not. If you are not analyzing and evaluating your efforts, then it is of no use in the first place. Let’s first know how you can increase the engagement rate so that when you calculate it, you do not lose heart.

How to increase engagement?

The social media algorithm is giving a tough time to all the users. However, there are ways you can crack this algorithm. Let’s check out these immediately so that you can rectify your mistake before using the engagement calculator.

The first and the most important thing is the content that you are posting. It needs to attract the audience’s attention. It could be anything that you are good at, and the social world shall appreciate. You need to be yourself and do everything possible. Make sure you post the content at the time of the day when most of the users are online. You have to post stories, reels, videos regularly. Besides, you need to respond to the comments and go live so that your followers can know you better. These are some of the ways people ensure that there is engagement.

You might have seen actors post ask me a question in their stories. That is nothing but a way of improving social media engagement and let the audience know more about you.  These are some basic tips. Now, let’s quickly know how you can use the engagement calculator and calculate the rate.

How to calculate?

The calculation is a cakewalk. You have to put in your ID and hit the check engagement tab. That’s about it. You shall have your score displayed right there. You can check the engagement rate regularly by applying different strategies. The engagement calculator should be your method of evaluating. The results will be on your screen within a minute.

You must be wondering how the score is calculated. The calculator takes into account the likes, comments, and posts that you have uploaded. However, several other factors determine the number of comments and likes. You should put up a story about your new post so that you are a step ahead of the algorithm.

Make the most of it and see to it that your engagement is incredible. That’s because you are a butterfly born to rock social media.

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