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You must have heard the name of DSTv if you are a permanent viewer of satellite TV. It provides services in the African continent and is a household name for satellite Tv. DStv Now is the online service of the same old satellite TV.

DStv is owned by a company named MultiChoice. It provides its services across the African continent but only in countries that come in the sub-Saharan area. This service broadcasted the shows directly to its subscribers through satellite. But now it has expanded its service to the online world as well.

DStv had most of its viewership in Nigeria and South Africa. And still, in the online services of DStv, most of the viewership comes from both these countries.

So let’s find out about the online service DStv now.

What is DStv Now?

DStv offers its channels online through its online digital platform which is DStv Now. This platform exists both as an app for different systems and as a website. If you have subscribed to the DStv service, you will be able to watch your favorite shows on your devices. These shows will be the same that you used to watch in your home at the decoder. It is supported by laptops, smartphones, Smartwatches, Xbox consoles, apple TV, and any other device that is compatible with this app to show the live-streaming of various channels.

How to Use DStv Now?

It is very simple to use the services of DStv. You just have to download the DStv app on your tablets or smartphones. The downloading of the DStv application is free. After you have downloaded it, make an account and subscribe to the services of DStv. You will be able to watch the exclusive shows and content then.

You have to enter your credentials like a cell phone number or email address. Always create a powerful and secure password. Add a payment method of your own choice.

Packages and Subscription

But DStv offers a few channels to stream for free as well. You can watch these channels without a subscription. These channels are CNN, BBC, PBS kids, Al-Jazeera, African News, Euronews now TBN, the channel now, DStv, Sky news, and Mindset PoP.

The premium package of DStv comes with many additional channels which are not a part of free streaming. In addition to these channels, there are tons of movies and shows that you can watch after getting a subscription.

Cost of DStv subscription:

There are two types of packages for DStv which are premium or family packages. The cost of these packages is different for different countries. But anyone with a DStv account can access the application or DStv Now. The free members will be able to stream the above-mentioned limited number of channels only.

But the cost of the internet is on you and how much you use for streaming.

Advantages of Using DStv Now:

The App of DStv has made live streaming enjoyable and easier. It is easy to enjoy the content while sitting at home. There are many advantages and benefits due to the use of DStv.

DStv is easily accessible through any device. Whatever device you have got, you don’t need to worry as DStv offers service for almost every compatible device with a working connection to the internet.

Though you have to buy premium packages for watching premium content and channels, the DStv Now app use is free for all subscribers. The usage of the app doesn’t depend upon the package or subscription.

You can catch on your favorite shows and movies through the catch-up section. There is an option of making an inventory comprising of your favorites let it be movies or shows.

DStv streams channels, documentaries, movies, and shows. The best perk of using DStv now is that you can log in through one account on four devices.

While satellite DStv required a decoder, DStv now is not bounded by such limitations. You can watch your favorite content at any place. The only requirement of DStv is a stable internet connection.

Not only the news or shows but DStv offers you sports streaming as well. You can catch up on your favorite sports matches and keep yourself updated with developments.

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DStv now is one the most popular and common streaming platforms in South Africa. You can access world-famous channels with a free account on DStv.

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