Types of roulettes in Betboys casino

At Betboys Casino you can play roulette for money in a variety of ways. The amount of fun is really impressive. On the main showcase, even the most picky user will be able to find what he likes. Among the dozens of slots online as fox example white rabbit , there is not a single one with a dubious reputation. However, there is a certain gradation of games that will help facilitate the search.

It is customary to distinguish the following main types of roulettes:

  • French,
  • European,
  • American!

Each of them has its own characteristics, and a variety of approaches to winning. Distant relatives also differ in rules and history of occurrence. Let’s talk about each type in detail.

French roulette is the progenitor of all gambling entertainment of this kind. In addition, it is considered one of the most profitable due to several advantages. The rules of “En Prison” and “La Partage” help the player, not the casino. With the help of the first one, you can freeze your bet if the ball stops at the zero sector, and the second rule will help you take half of the bet when the zero sector falls out.

European roulette. As in the French version, there are 37 cells – from 0 to 36. All of them are painted in red and black. The only exception is the zero sector, which has tried on the green color. The rules of the game are quite natural – the client must bet a chip, and if the ball stops in the selected sector, then you can pick up the winnings. There is also a virtual track in front of the players. This is another wheel where all the call bets are placed (Voisins, Tier du Cylindre and Orphelins).

It has long been rumored among many users that American roulette is one of the least profitable. This conclusion is due to the fact that there are two sectors of zero on the American wheel at once and, unlike analogues, if a ball hits them, then the bet burns out. In total, there are already 38 sectors in the drum. Such markup can be used to your advantage if you know how to put it correctly. Various strategies for increasing the rate, described above, will help here.

All three types are presented in the Betboys online casino.

Moreover, there are different variations from many manufacturers. All are united by one thing – decent technical performance and global product quality. Drawing conclusions, it can be argued that BetBoys casino online roulette has a variety of entertainment. You just need to register and make your first deposit to start winning. And if you are not ready to give away your money yet, try your hand in demo mode!

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