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Travertine in Combination with Other Stones

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Travertine is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. That’s why it is preferred by many homeowners, architects, and designers. The subtle textures and colors of this stone make it versatile and the perfect combination with other stones like marble and granite. You can easily make a seamless transition between spaces with travertine and marble, for instance because travertine is limestone – the medium phase before the stone turns into marble. If you are looking for the perfect travertine tiles for your home, you can click here. If you want to learn more about combining travertine with other natural stone slabs, keep reading this article.

A New Trend in Home Decorations – Natural Stone 

Natural stone is not a new trend, but it is back again, taking over the world by storm. Millions of people around the world are returning to nature in their homes.

Everyone knows that natural materials give homes a different look; perfect for creating a different atmosphere. However, the desired result doesn’t come from every stone. Only some stones have ideal properties for home decoration:  marble, granite, and travertine. You can make beautiful decorative combinations between them, dependin g on the space you have.

So what makes these stones so desirable?  Here we will discuss the stone trends – the best new home decoration trends that you may like for your home.

Natural stone, with all its details, is not only house decoration. It is also an isolator and perfect for flooring and wall cladding – indoors and outdoors. You can safely utilize travertine for indoor wall cladding and outdoor cladding. Combine travertine with marble, and you will have a wonderful decoration in your hallway, or living room. You can use travertine for your indoor fire place, while utilizing marble for the flooring.

Different natural decorative elements like: wood, metal, and leather can provide a modern contemporary look.

The Most Important Feature of These Decorations

To keep the warmth throughout all the seasons. Here we are not talking about “warmth” in the literal sense but about the warm colors, the coziness and the homeliness. Regardless of the lighting, travertine tiles can give that exquisite feel and  create coziness that no other material can provide. If you add marble to your home decoration, you will have the unique aristocratic feeling combined with the warmth of travertine. That’s why the best trend for decoration at home is natural stone.

This decoration trend, which can be easily utilized in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and many other areas, can change the mood of anyone entering the house.

These stones, which bear the characteristics of certain geographical regions, create a reverse aerial effect on the environment due to some characteristics they possess. It is necessary to choose the best natural stones and combine them.

To make the stones stand out even more, have a large outdoor nativity scene set up by getting supplies from Outdoor Nativity Sets.

In modern architecture, wall decorations made of these stones are already very effective. Outdoor wall cladding often makes the structure of the building more durable.

So what does this decorating trend look like inside the house? What natural stones suite for home decoration?

Decorating with Travertine

When decorating with natural stones like travertine, the priority is the size of the stone slabs. However, we should mention that there is no absolute rule about the tile sizes. Specialists recommend smaller slabs for bathrooms and hallways, but it always depends on space and the decorative ideas you have. At Saturnia Travertini, you can find high-quality tiles in any size and use them in home decoration.

You can easily integrate the decorations you make with natural stones like marble and granite in combination with the travertine stone wall decoration. That will create a more stylish look in any living area or outdoor space.

Too much texture prevents the use of rough and rich patterns in the room decoration. If the goal is to provide a spacious environment, the decoration you will make with stones should be in this direction and go for a more minimalist decor with the furniture.

What Is So Great about the Travertine Texture Effect on the Tiles?

The answer lies not only in the beauty of travertine but also in the significant reduction in price that has made it accessible to many more owners. The tiles come in different sizes for the interior or exterior and have always been considered an expensive pleasure only for rich and luxurious spaces. Thanks to a new way of production, today, there are many more affordable options, and tiles come in different colors and finishes, overcoming all aesthetic limitations.

To Summarize… 

Travertine can be utilized in any indoor or outdoor space and is the perfect stone to combine with granite and marble. It is one of the most exquisite stones, you can have in your home, and it’s quite trendy. You can combine travertine for flooring and wall cladding with marble if you want to create a chic, timeless, aristocratic, and cozy atmosphere in your home.

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