Traditional Billboards Vs Digital

Outdoor advertising is an effective and one of the oldest legit forms of advertising that have existed from times immemorial. While it could usually entail anything from advertising on walls, vehicle wraps to banners, and on cars too, billboards are the most popular ones. So much is the fad surrounding them that even a cultural city like Melbourne has swiftly accelerated to become a vibrant commercial hub! That it is one of the leading contributors to Australia’s growing GDP only adds to it. The surge of outdoor advertising agencies in the city has seen a boost with more and more brands going the billboard way, and that too with digital billboards in Melbourne!

But when it comes to billboards, the age-old debate of traditional vs digital resurfaces. Explored below are some key points about each that can help you make the right choice.

What are Traditional Billboards?

Traditional billboards, also known as static billboards, have been around for eons of years now and are popular because they primarily provide advertising exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week (that’s why the name static billboards too). Although they’re usually seen on major highways and prime locations on the streets, they can be placed strategically as long as they meet their purpose. They are known to have a significant impact and reach many people who pass by them every day.

Traditional billboards are also colloquially known as vinyl billboards because they need to be produced using a printed sheet or vinyl and then mounted. One of the most lucrative advantages of opting for traditional advertising in the form of static billboards is that your advertisement will be around for a relatively long time. It, in turn, can go a long way in helping customers retain information and eventually convert. Another perk is that they have been around for a long time now and have pretty much standardised pricing and routine installations. However, all of this can only be beneficial if a company only has one advertisement up. And given the pace of digitisation and competitive marketing, this idea is long pass√©! This is why you need to consider being at par with the trends and consumer’s ever-evolving preferences.

What are Digital Billboards?

As their name suggests, digital billboards are electronic displays that need to be controlled by a computer. In line with today’s marketing strategies, your advertisement on a digital billboard will be exposed for 6-8 seconds for a stipulated time. Knowing how effective they have been in driving consumers to ‘act’, it is not surprising to understand the frenzy around them. As a brand, one of the essential advantages these billboards provide is that they help you launch new campaigns effectively. If you buy digital billboard space in slots, you will be able to update and change your advertisement at any time. Besides, you can insert audio-visual elements to attract the attention of prospective customers and close with an impactful call to action! Another major advantage of opting for digital billboards is that they allow marketers to be highly creative in their promotions and strategy.

Melbourne city is a prime example of this. In the last few years, this vibrant city has witnessed a 2X surge in demand for digital advertising, which has lead to the creation of more agencies and a boost in the advertising market. In addition, the city’s approximately $1,164 cost per billboard allows advertisers to reach a massive number of the 75,507 people that too at a reasonable price! This is what makes digital billboards in Melbourne such a hit!

Which is Better and Why?

Zeroing down between traditional and digital billboards entirely depend on your campaign strategy and goals. While there is no denying that both static and digital billboards offer their own set of benefits, your decision should be after you’ve considered some factors. For example, the prospects of staying abreast with the changing and current trends, your brand’s goals and the marketing campaign and the strategy that best suits you! It is hardly a surprise that the world is moving towards digitisation and enhanced technological upgradation. You don’t want to run late to this promotional party, at least as there would be too much at stake, you don’t want to lose out!

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