Top tips to reduce household waste

The truth is hard to ignore. In 2019, England generated 22.1 million tonnes of household waste. That figure is quite shocking and is certainly not helping our carbon footprint in a time where our eco-friendliness is being scrutinised more than ever.

Seeing as our homes are where we spend most of our time, taking steps to act smarter with our household waste is crucial. In this blog post, we’re here to help, giving some tips as to how you can keep your level of rubbish to a minimum, helping the environment as a result.

Reduce food waste

It can be hard to judge how much food you might need, we understand. Whether you’re buying for just yourself or a large household, it’s easy to encounter leftovers that have gone out of date and can no longer be used.

If this is the case, there are many ways of disposing said leftovers that allows them to be reused effectively. For example, to avoid taking it to landfill, you can use it as compost for your garden, helping the environment as you go with a cheap and effective alternative. A quick Google search will also let you see if your food rubbish can be collected curb side, so you don’t have to move a muscle!

Alternatively, you can use efficient planning so you’re not buying more food than you actually need. Be sure to take a shopping list with you at all times and work out exactly how much is included in each meal you need. And avoid going shopping on an empty stomach, as you’ll end up adding unnecessary food items to your basket or trolley.

Utilise reusable bags

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Bags For Life over the last decade or so, as there has been a big push for single use plastic bags to be scrapped. After all, they have a damming effect on the environment and animals. So if you’re still picking up multiple plastic bags on every shopping trip, you could consider switching to fewer, hard wearing bags.

This way not only are you promoting a positive environmental change, but you are also reducing the number of plastic bags in your home. Long gone are the days where cupboards will be filled with them, as you can now streamline your storage into less bags that will last much longer.

Minimise packaging

When buying fresh foods, such as fruit and veg, you’re often presented with a choice. Do you opt for the fruit enclosed in plastic packaging or netting, or do you go for the fruit that’s loose on display?

Often, people choose the packaging as they feel the fruit is better ‘protected’ but this simply isn’t true. They are still susceptible to the same level of damage, so why not do your bit for the environment and lessen the packaging in your home?

In doing so, you can make sure you receive the exact amount of food you need, rather than buying in bulk and potentially leaving yourself to deal with food waste in the future.

Hire a skip

Another way in which you can reduce the amount of waste in your household is to hire a skip, getting rid of it all in one go. Why should you live in a pile of rubbish? The truth is you shouldn’t. If you’re looking for skip hire in Chorley, check this link to be taken to the number one skip hire melbourne south eastern suburbs company in the area.

You can trust that all recyclable waste you throw away will be dealt with accordingly, giving you a reliable (and affordable) way of getting rid of all of your household rubbish at once. You may need a skip permit to do so, but any reputable skip hire firm will let you know if this is the case.

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