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Top Tips For Using A Reed Diffuser

Although there is a misperception that they don’t last, reed diffusers are a fantastic method to add a consistent aroma to your house. Either the fragrance evaporates and leaves you with an empty glass container and a few reed sticks for adornment, or it loses its perfume and disappears entirely. All diffusers are not the same in this regard.

Once installed in a room, a reed diffuser typically takes care of itself and needs little to no maintenance, but there are several tactics you can apply to maximize its aroma and lifespan. Here are some pointers for getting the most use possible out of your reed diffuser.

Location Of The Reed Diffuser

Put your reed diffuser in a corridor or a room’s entrance to get the most aroma out of it. Every time you enter and exit a room or walk down a hallway, you will be able to smell the aroma thanks to the air circulation caused by regular traffic. However, make sure it is out of children’s reach and keep it away from radiators and windows because the heat will cause the fragrance oil to evaporate.

Keep Them Out Of The Sun’s Direct Rays

The fragrance in the diffuser evaporates considerably more quickly when it is warm. As a result, placing them where they would be exposed to direct sunlight for the majority of the day—for example, on a table or window sill—is not recommended. Put your reed diffuser in a location where it can benefit from the airflow in your house.

In other words, on your mantelpiece, your TV stand, your coffee table, your bedside table, or the sink in your bathroom. The aroma will automatically spread throughout the room as a result of the airflow produced by movement if you set them where there is a lot of traffic. Most preferably in a lobby.

A Stronger Aroma

You should add all the reeds and flip them more frequently if you want a stronger smell. The fragrance can spread through more channels if you use more reeds! The oil will lift again if you flip your reeds every other day or once a week, giving you a fresher, more robust fragrance. You should always flip your reeds over a sink in case any oil drips, as doing so more frequently will cause your oil to deplete more quickly. Alternately, use fewer reeds if you’d like a more delicate scent.

Changing Reeds And Oil

It is preferable to thoroughly clean the container and allow it to dry before refilling it with oil when you need to. Additionally, if you change the fragrance, you should also change the reeds when you change the oil. Your diffuser will smell even better with new reeds and a clean vessel.

Select The Appropriate Size For The Area

One 250ml to 350ml diffuser won’t be much if your room is quite large or your living area is open concept. This would work in smaller rooms like bathrooms. Use multiple candles in larger living spaces or choose a larger vessel, such as a crystal decanter, which has larger reeds and can hold up to 1L or more of fragranced oil.

Choose Oil-Based Rather Than Alcohol-Based

Diffusers made of alcohol evaporate much more quickly than those made of oil. Typically, you can purchase these at your local supermarket. Additionally, they quickly lose their scent, leaving you with a vessel full of unscented liquid. Depending on size, a good oil-based diffuser should last nine to thirteen months.

Various Reed Diffuser Advice

To prevent oil from harming any furniture or fabrics, always keep your reed diffuser on a coaster or mat. Additionally, if you are going to be gone for a while, flip your reeds before you leave so that you can return to a lovely, fragrant house.

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