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Top tips for choosing a social security disability attorney in Phoenix 

Filing a disability claim can be more confusing than you think. Statistics and data confirm that people who file disability claims with the help of an attorney are more likely to get approved. While no law makes it necessary to hire a Phoenix social security disability attorney, this could be the most critical decision to consider. If you have never hired a disability attorney, you may want to check a few basic aspects before making a decision. We have a guide below for your help. 

Response counts

You need to consider professionalism as a factor for selecting an attorney. When you call a disability attorney’s office, consider if they were quick to respond. You should be able to get access to the lawyer without much fuss. If a staff member agrees to answer some of your questions on the phone, do not take that as a sign of concern. Many disability attorneys in Phoenix spend considerable time dealing with hearings. As long as the lawyer’s office offers the support you need, you have nothing to worry about. However, ask the staff about a personal consultation with one of their attorneys. 

Don’t expect a promise

People often hire disability attorneys for the wrong reasons. If you are engaging a lawyer because you want to fast-track the application or hearing process, you will be disappointed. While a lawyer can offer an assessment of your case, they cannot promise an outcome. If an attorney does so, you should know that it is unethical and an utter lie. Your lawyer can talk of the strengths and weaknesses of the case but cannot promise a win. 

Ask the right questions

As a client, you have the right to know your lawyer. During the first meeting, you should ask questions like – 

  1. Can you talk about your approval rate?
  2. How often do you represent clients at hearings?
  3. Can you share the percentage of your wins for full & partial benefits?
  4. Do you have a team of support staff? How can I get updates on my case?
  5. What are the expected costs of the case?

Hiring a disability attorney in Arizona doesn’t have to be expensive. Lawyers cannot charge more than 25% of the retroactive benefits you get, and the maximum they can charge as their fee is $6,000. Don’t be fooled to assume that you have to pay the lawyer right away. The lawyer will not get anything until you win.

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