Top Shoe Trends for 2022

What on earth has the world got to offer the fashion industry in 2022? Who knows what weird and wonderful craze might be lurking just around the corner?

Fashion moves fast, and a good pair of shoes are the hallmark of any fashionista’s wardrobe (or hallway).

Keeping ahead of the latest trends means subverting the paradigm and going your own way, but that’s hard to do without knowing what to subvert in the first place!

Here are some tips and pointers to hopefully unearth some of the fashion trends that could find their way to the main stage in 2022.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly manufacturing practices have been the flavor of the last few years, especially in the fashion industry—a place plagued with a particularly sinister history when it comes to sustainability.

Thankfully, many great companies are now fully committing to making sustainable shoes, which is great news for the forward-thinking, fashion-conscious consumers among you.

If you do not know where to start when looking for eco-friendly footwear, great online shoe search tools such as Divishoes have made finding the perfect pair easier than ever before, since they use AI-assisted search to read customer reviews for you.

This can ensure that you search with much greater accuracy, as you can set your own parameters and gain some deeper insight into the product before you go ahead with a purchase.

Strap it Up

From ankle straps to lacy sandals and everything in between, straps can provide a statement: from the understated to the frankly outrageous, they may make a splash this year.

In fact, there were plenty of strappy shoes found all throughout the 2022 runways! What better place to turn to in the name of fashion than the runways themselves?

This could be a good indicator of what’s to come in the world of fashionable shoes, so keep your eye out on the straps.

Cowboy Boots

The timeless cowboy boot look is preferred by countless fashionistas at various points throughout their lives, and there is every chance 2022 will be no different.

Particularly in the colder opening months of the year, cowboy boots are versatile, fun, durable, and of course, beautiful.

Loads of distinctive styles of cowboy boot were also seen on the runways for 2022, so don’t underestimate their staying power.

Big and Comfortable

Just like the oversized sweaters and super comfy XXL puffy jackets seen throughout 2021, the big and comfortable look will likely continue long into 2022, except this time the shoes might follow suit as well.

Shoes no longer need destroy your feet in the name of fashion, as now they can be both comfortable and extraordinarily comfy.

90s Style

The 90s will just not go away. Some of the best parts about it, (Nirvana, The X-files, Saturday Night Live) seem to live on so vividly in cultural memory, that they become difficult to escape.

The same can be said for 90s fashion, so watch out for Doc Martins, big chunky heels, and mules when you are searching for that “new” look.

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