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Top Pakistani online fashion stores to check out

It’s safe to say that online shopping has paved the way for many fashion brands in global markets. From established Pakistani brands, like Generation and Khaadi, to the latest additions to the fashion hemisphere, the fashion category has taken the world by storm and is doing exceptionally well for Pakistan’s economy. It is the one sector of the local Pakistani market where there is a perfect balance between demand and supply, and there is something to fit literally every kind of fashion taste and sense out there. From vivid block colors to floral prints, Aztec visuals to gorgeous architectural prints, fashion seems to be thriving and is catering to every fancy there is.

The brand journey:

While there are online bazaars for every category under the sun, it is a contestable fact that fashion brands gain the most traffic among Pakistani users, and that audiences spend more time browsing through the different styles available on the website. One such brand that achieves this effect is Sanaulla, a Pakistani fashion brand primarily geared towards women that offers top quality lawn fabric, ready-to-wear outfits, bridal outfits, seasonal women’s clothing and a section dedicated to menswear and clothing for kids. As a brand that has been around a long time, Sanaulla has managed to create a huge dedicated following that shops from all over the world. The diversity in styles, the range of fashion looks and the affordability of the clothing all cater to the fancies of the users shopping on Sanaulla. Not only that, the brand ensures users are aware of its “Free Shipping” feature, are offered immediate help through their live chat feature, and can quickly see the sales and discounts available on the brand currently.

Benefits & discounts:

Sanaulla has built credibility for itself over a long period of time, and has maintained a sensibility of being accessible and well-liked by varied audiences. Its styles, colors, quality of clothing, diversity and unique selling propositions help it stand out among other Pakistani brands. Users can, at a glance, see how much discount is available on every outfit. The website is also always fully updated, and helps users identify the highest discounts, and other ways to save.

Your online journey made easy:

If you are a veteran of online shopping, you will also notice how easy the interface is with regards to placing the order. The automated interface is a highly effective feature for customers looking for something in particular, or just cruising the website to see what tickles their fancy. However, even someone new to online shopping can navigate their way around the Sanaulla website with ease. The benefits and discounts are clearly available at first glance to users, making their buying decision much easier.

Reviews & ratings:

Several online fashion stores have perfected the art of communication and easing the buying journey for users. Retailers are now quick to ensure they are readily available online, and ratings and reviews of everything, from products to delivery and after-sales services are easily available for all to read. Another great benefit relative to shopping on Sanaulla for local users is that the brand offers cashbacks through Savyour, Pakistan’s first and only cashback app. Users can browse through fashion brands on the app, activate their Sanaulla cashback, place their orders and receive cashback in their Savyour wallet as soon as the brand marks their order complete from their end. And this is just one way of saving up while shopping through Sanaulla, users can also apply brand discounts and bank discounts on top of their cashbacks, so they’re earning back the amount they spend on the brand. What more reason does one need to shop!

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