Top Cannabis Strain To Get You To Feel Euphoric!

People consuming cannabis have reported different effects after consuming the natural healer but euphoria is the most desired effect that anyone can get from cannabis consumption. Euphoria is the feeling of intense excitement and happiness and everyone loves it since the happy feeling is quite fascinating and exciting. 

Adding a bit of euphoria while hanging out with friends or after returning from a long day at work can always prove to be fantastic. But do all the cannabis strains offer the same level of euphoria?  And are there some cannabis strains that don’t offer the feeling of euphoria?

To feel euphoric, you have to choose the right type of cannabis strain and in this blog post, we are going to talk about all those cannabis strains that can give you the euphoric feeling. 

Whitewalker OG

This is one of the most popular cannabis strains after Granddaddy Purple and it contains 23.06% of THC. It belongs to the category of top tier OG kush and after its launch in the market, it has won many types of awards including the award for best Indica flower. 

One of the main reasons why this strain has won so many awards is it’s a real kick out when it comes to the after-effects of consumption. All the people who have consumed Whitewalker OG say that it offers a powerful euphoric effect and it also acts as a tension-reliever. 

This means that Whitewalker OG is perfect for those people who are looking for both the euphoric feeling and a bit of relaxation. 

Afternoon Delight

It is a type of hybrid strain and it contains 20.92% of THC. After consuming this popular strain, you are going to feel euphoric, relaxed and you can get highly creative as well. One of the best things about Afternoon Delight is it offers a balanced effect to both the mind and body. 

All the people who have consumed Afternoon Delight say that it has a hazy aura that devours the body and takes the mind to another level. All the Afternoon Delight fanatics say that along with euphoric feeling, this strain can also offer a tingly effect. 

So, if you are looking for a dreamy strain just like Granddaddy Purple then you can always switch to Afternoon Delight as it is going to help you get rid of your worries. 

Purple Punch

This is an Indica strain that contains around 21.55% of THC and it packs a serious dose of both relaxation and a euphoric feeling. All the people who have tried this strain say that it is one of the best strains if you want to just lay back and stay relaxed. You can know how CBN works pretty quickly

All the fans of this popular strain have reported that is also one of the most delicious strains with notes of blueberry muffins, tangy Kool-aid, and even grape candy. So, you can always consume this strain in the form of a dessert after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


The THC content of this strain is around 17.91% and this is the lowest THC content in this list but this doesn’t mean that it is less effective than Granddaddy Purple. According to the Zookies users, it offers energetic uplift and then slowly takes you to the euphoric feeling. 

Even the flavor of this strain is as complicated as its feeling since it offers both sweet and nutty tones at the same time. 

Different strains offer differing effects after consumption but all the cannabis strains mentioned in this blog post offer the much-desired euphoric feeling without any side effects. 

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