Top Amazing Facts About Big Pharma in 2021

Interesting Facts About the Pharmaceutical Business

According to the latest Statista data, the global pharmaceutical industry demonstrates its significant growth in 2019-2020. The pharma revenues worldwide are up to $1.25 trillion. It goes without saying that the healthcare sector altered considerably during the coronavirus outbreak. Sales of drugs that have shown to be effective against covid, such as Ivermectin, have boomed, not just in the USA but in countries like Thailand and other Asian nations too But the most interesting facts about the pharma world and the pharmaceutical business are still keeping in the background.

Fact 1: The Biggest Market for Pharma Products is American

The top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the world are headquartered in the USA when other leading healthcare market players are representatives of the Mexican pharmacy market. The pharma organizations located in North and South America are notable for their constant research campaigns and diversified portfolio of products they sell internationally.

Fact 2: Advertising Is a Must for the Healthcare Sector

This is the most common misconception that pharma products are not advertised or promoted poorly. The global pharmaceutical business spends millions of dollars on advertising. For example, the certified Mexican pharmacy Tijuana cashes in about $3.5 million quarterly for ads. There are various pharma marketing campaigns that require constant promotions:

  • In the social media networks;
  • On the TV;
  • On the Internet (websites, blogs, etc.).

Fact 3: Popular Drinks Were Invented by Pharmacists

Do you know that Coca-Cola and Pepsi were invented by pharmacists? Probably not. The beloved coke was invented by John Pemberton. He was a real enthusiast in pharma. At the same time, Pepsi was invented by James Vernor – one more talented specialist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Such renowned people as Benjamin Franklin, Agatha Christie, and Hubert Humphrey were pharmacists. Despite the fact they did not engage their life with the pharmaceutical business, their knowledge helped them in their professional activities.

Fact 4: The FDA Approves About 41 Drugs Every Year

Not all medical products come to the market. If the drug is not approved by the FDA, it is considered the uncertified one and cannot be sold globally. Year by year, the Food and Drug Administration validated different pharma items. Approximately, this figure is 41 approved drugs every year.

Fact 5: Top Pharma Products in the World Are Lipitor and Insulin

People require different pills and supplements. But the most demandable drugs in the world (that are best-selling ones internationally) are Lipitor and Insulin. These medications are sold almost by any pharma company in the USA, Europe, South America (including certified online Mexican pharmacy companies).

Fact 6: The Pharmaceutical Business Switches to Online

More and more pharma companies choose to sell medicines on the Internet. One of the most developed markets in the context of digital pharmaceutical services is online Mexican pharmacy. A wide selection of drugs is sold with the certificates at reasonable prices. The focused attention is paid to the safe terms of transportation and storage.

The best Mexican pharmacy companies pack the medications, arrange secure shipment, and transit pharma products in real-time. For example, Medicmex Mexican Pharmacy offers express shipping worldwide of different branded drugs. According to the Arizton survey, the size of the global pharmaceutical market will grow by 20% in 2024-2025. The total revenue of the Internet pharma business is expected to be up to $131 billion (that is a quarter of the present-day revenues of the pharmacy companies internationally).

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