Top 50 Cyber Security Interview Questions

Cyber security is the method of security to protect computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electronic systems and different data from unknown virus. It’s also known for the rapid technological development in the security of information technology. The term cyber security arises due to sever issues from different end of the world. Hackers are trying to get into different websites to get their data on the free basis and they want to use them for their purpose. Cyber-attack can be occurring at any device from large computers to small mobile phone. There are some of the categories of the security like network security, application security, information security, operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity and End- user education.

Network security: It is the practice of securing a computer network from intruders, whether they are targeted or not but it will help to reduce the chances to get any problem from any end. During the usage of internet the user will not get disrupted due to any issues.

Application security: It keeps focus on the software and the devices which is using different software to make their life easy. This will help to protect from different kind of threats. The successful of an application contains the best protection for their users. It will never put the user into any kind of trouble.

Information security: It protects all the private data and the storage of the user in the transfer of any files or in files in the device storage.

Operational security: It includes the process and handling the protecting data assets of any users. The data is controlled as when and where the data is stored and where it should be placed.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: It defines how any businesses handle the losses or the cyber-security failures in their organisation. Disaster recovery policy defines how to restore the lost data.

End-user Education: Any other person can make virus and try to put in to a new device to get the information without knowing to the original owner. The device owner should take care of the device while plugging any unknown pen drive or downloading from any files from the internet.

Cyber security interview question and answer

1. What is cryptography?

Ans: The term cryptography defines that it is a practice which studies the techniques for securing information and communication mainly to protect the data from third parties that the data is not required further. It is used in many of the office and the business sector to protect all the data.

2. What is the difference between IDS and IPS?

Ans: IDS is referring to Intrusion Detection System and the work of this function is to detect intrusion and the administrator has to take care of preventing the intrusion. And the word IPS means Intrusion Prevention System this means the system detect the intrusion and also takes action if any function fails to perform the work.

3. Explain CIA traid.

Ans: CIA means for Confidentially, Integrity and Availability. CIA is a model which is based to check the performance and to guide the policies of the information security. As the internet shows it is one the best method used in every organisation sector.


It refers that all the information should be accessible and readable only to the authorised personnel. It should not be accessed by any of the personality who does not belong to the authorised department. It is mostly shared with the top level of management team. In case someone tries to hack the data he may access the data by it will not show anything and it will be safe.


It makes sure that the data has not been modified by any unauthorized personnel. The data should be not corrupted or modified by any of the other personnel rather than the company authorised one. If any authorised person tries to get the data and changes it as it requires but it fails to happen then it will be remain as the original.


The data should be available when any authorised person requires it. As the data is very much important to everyone who belongs to the organisation. All the data recovery, backups for the lost files and data should be kept safe.

4. What is Firewall and why is it used?

Ans: A firewall is a network security system which is set on the boundaries of the system which helps to monitors and control network traffic. Firewalls are mainly used in the organisation to protect the system from viruses, malware and the other harming things to the devices.

5. What is trace route? Why is it used?

Ans: It is a tool which shows the path of any packet which helps in the data transfer. It is mostly used when any of the packets is having any problem to reach any of the file to the original destination.

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