Top 5 countries to kick off an offshore online casino

For those that love to gamble, but lack the opportunity, there are numerous ways to enjoy gambling online without having to leave home. Offshore casinos face few regulations outside of the countries in which they operate. Nearly anyone can legally gamble at an online casino.

An offshore online casino is also a wonderful opportunity for those bold entrepreneurs that wish to access a client base that can stretch around the world. There is virtually no limit to how big an online casino can grow. However, there is considerable competition.

For those wishing to create one of the best offshore online casinos, these are five of the best countries to consider:

  • 1. Curacao. The license fees for an online casino are among the cheapest in this tropical island nation just off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is known for granting gambling licenses quickly, with little fuss, and at a lower price than most of the other options available.
  • 2. Costa Rica. This Central American country is very stable politically, socially, and economically. This is perhaps the easiest place to create an online casino, since there really aren’t any regulations or licenses to worry about. The only rule is that you can’t offer online gambling services to those located in Costa Rica. Rules regarding the use of cryptocurrency are also very relaxed. It’s important to keep in mind that many players are a bit wary of online casinos based in this country.
  • 3. Malta. Knowledgeable online gamblers respect online casinos based in Malta. However, the process to obtain the necessary license is tedious, lengthy, and expensive. The government even requires in-person meetings as part of the process. The advantage is that your online casino will be respected and players will feel safe. This is among the best options for those wishing to access the European market.
  • 4. Antigua and Barbuda. These are two separate islands in the Caribbean, but only one government. The upfront license fee is relatively low, but a sizable security deposit and annual fee are also required. The process for obtaining a license is quite simple and takes about 60 days.
  • 5. Montenegro. Located in Eastern Europe, this is another inexpensive option for those wishing to hit the ground running. Corporate and personal taxes are low. The license process is simple and fast. If the priorities are speed of execution and low cost, Montenegro is certainly worthy of consideration.

The online gambling industry hit $66.7 billion in 2020, and strong growth is expected for the foreseeable future. The online gambling market is predicted to reach over $127 billion by 2027. This is a wonderful business opportunity for those with the interest, resources and business acumen

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