Top 5 Books That Motivates a Student to achieve success!

Are you a student aspiring for a desirable position in the real world? If yes! You have to make books as your best friend. Books are those vital parts of your life that enable you to achieve your goals. However, reading your academic books is not the only thing that will help you. You also need to read some motivational books to strengthen your desire to achieve your goals. Many best-selling books motivate you to achieve success. Once in a while, reading fantasy stories like wheel of time is also not a bad option.

If you feel you lack inspiration and need motivation, you need motivational books for students. You can read these self-help novels to find out the perspective of the world. Here is a listing of fascinating and most encouraging books that come with the title of the best-selling book.

You can win by Shiv Khera

This may seem to be a simple Self-help book to many, but Shiv Khera, with this book, reached many students. The book offers you the most simplistic but the most effective ideas to achieve your goals in life. Most of the readers who are not having English as their mother tongue will find this book interesting to read. The simple vocabulary makes it a reader’s choice from all other books. Moreover, you can say that this is one of the best books for students to focus on their careers.

The Will Power Instinct by Kelly McGonigal 

If you lack willpower, this is another great book that you can read. This book by Kelly McGonigal is all about boosting willpower. This is because; willpower is the primary obstacle in the road to success. With the help of this book, you can educate your willpower to be more robust. The book comprises ideas that help you achieve all your goals.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini  

This is another best-selling book that motivates every student. Further, this is also one of those books that change your aspect of life. The book offers you a story about a heartbreaking tragedy in friendship. The friendship was between two boys that later nurtured to become a relationship of brothers. But later on, an incident broke the friendship. However, this is a book that helps you reconsider your actions to your loved ones.

Getting to yes with yourself by William Ury 

The book offers you content that engages you in argument within your mind. After reading this book, you would want to argue about the content in this book. You might get into a heated debate. But in the end, the book helps you understand yourself. Moreover, it is a book that helps you choose your approach towards your main enemy in life.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel 

This is a great story that also has a movie version. This is a story about a young man trying to survive a storm in the sea with a harrowing shipwreck. The boy finds himself with a big Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. By reading the story, you will discover how the boy survived with the tiger.


Wrapping up the post, these are the top 5 best-selling books that motivate every student. These books offer ideas that change your aspects of life. You will find a new approach to handle every task. Now that you know the top five books start reading one! Learn more about

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