Top 5 Best Methods To Utilise Your Used Textbooks

Old textbooks can gather dust on the shelves of your room for years and take up unnecessary space. But textbooks can do you a good service and bring extra money into your pocket.

There are so many ways to make money or benefit from your books, and in this article, we will find out how you can use your used college textbooks most effectively.

Below is a list of the best practices for using your old books in 2021.

1. You can sell your used textbooks

There are many methods of selling books. If you find the right buyer, you can quickly make money on sales. First, you need to choose where your textbooks are sold:

Online Stores

You can very quickly find your potential buyer in online stores, but you will need to give a part of your profit to the site. You can use the services of professional online stores like BookDeal. They have been in the textbook market for more than 20 years and provide a wide range of reliable bookbuyers services to help you sell your items.

Open your bookstore

If you have a lot of used college textbooks, you can open a small open-air fair right in your yard. You will be able to find buyers and also not share your profits with secondary organizations. However, it should be borne in mind that this option is difficult to implement if you live in an apartment building.

You can sell books to college students.

If you are still in college, you can easily find your potential buyers among high school students. This option is very effective, but only students can implement it.

Look for other resources to sell your book

Today, you can find many places where you can sell your used college textbooks, such as social media, bookstores, book forums, etc. Perhaps this method is not as effective as other options, but it is pretty feasible. 

2. Rent out your textbooks

Sometimes it happens that your textbook is too valuable for you or its price is too high to find a buyer quickly. In such cases, you can rent your used college textbooks to students. But you should prepare a contract that provides compensation for property damage and carefully select the people to whom you will give books.

3. You can donate your textbooks to charity

Many charities help low-income students with textbooks and other educational property. Naturally, you will not make money from this, but you will improve your karma, and most importantly, help people who need your used college textbooks more. You can also donate your old books to the library, where everyone can use your textbooks.

4. Recycle your textbooks

That is a perfect option if your textbooks are in poor condition. For example, they have missing pages, are badly wrinkled, or have a lot of marks. In this case, the only option would be to turn in your used textbooks for recycling. Each book is one felled tree. By using this option, you will be able to save one tree.

5. You can donate these books to your friends and relatives

Your friends or relatives may need your used college textbooks. Therefore, if you have not been able to sell your textbook, you can find out if someone in your surrounding needs this textbook.

What affects the chances of selling your used college textbook?

There are so many criteria that will affect the chances of your textbook being sold quickly:

  1. There must be demand for the book. Without asking, you will have to wait a long time for your buyer;
  2. Your book must be in good condition and up to date. If your book is about the IT of the 1990s, then in 2021, it will not be attractive to anyone, especially if it is in poor condition;
  3. You must give a correct description of the textbook;
  4. You must get the price right. To do this, you need to analyze and compare prices for textbooks in online stores;
  5. The number of textbooks you want to sell also affects the selling process. If you sell many textbooks, you better go to online stores, but if you sell one used book for a meager price, it is better to find buyers directly.

Final Thoughts

If you want to empty the bookshelves in your room, don’t throw your used college textbooks in the trash bin. You can make perfect money or do a good deed for charity. Therefore, you need to think about what your goal is. We hope this article will help you make the right choice.

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