Top 4 Mobile Music Collector Apps

If you are passionate about music and are an avid collector and you still have not organized and arranged your collection of vinyl, compact discs or cassettes, then a Mobile Music Collector Application (App) will help you do just that.

Using a Mobile Music Collector App record lovers can group albums into folders by artist, format, label, genre, year of recording and many more.

Users can also sort album lists by artist, year, title, purchase date, length and most importantly keep track of your collection, wish lists, sales, notes and ratings all at the tips of your fingers.

Below we feature the Top 4 Mobile Music Collector Apps:

  • CLZ Music

The CLZ Music Mobile Music Collector App helps music collectors get their collection in order through its smart camera technology that allows users to scan the barcode of their CD or vinyl record and in an instant get all the information they need.

This App also helps users to search the CLZ online database and obtain all the related information including cover images, album info with all artist details and the full song list as well.

The CLZ Music Mobile Music Collector App is subscription-based however there is a free trial period for users to experience and check out the App and its functionality.  

The App is cloud based so you are always sure that your precious music collection details are also available and furthermore this App syncs across all devices easily so you can always be in touch with your music collection wherever you may be. Users can in addition, can quickly view and share their album lists online using the CLZ Cloud viewer. website.

  • Discogs App 

The Discogs Mobile Music Collector App helps users to arrange their music collections, obtain the market prices, list them for purchase, sell and receive funds, all in one place.

Users can browse the thousands of music items on sale, make your selections and even check if you already own the item before you make your purchase securely and with confidence.

Users can manage their sale items and track their inventory directly from this Android App Development and also respond to any messages or comments as well. If you are keen to obtain a record then you can play it on a Wish List and the App will notify you if it goes on sale.  You can also track your purchases easily.

  • Record Scanner

The Record Scanner Mobile Music Collector App helps users identify and manage their music collections by simply taking a picture. Users can scan the cover, barcode or catalogue number of their LP, CD or Cassette tape and quickly get all the information they require on the release such as the name, artist, year and other important details.

Having identified music items users can add them to a virtual wish list and index them and also place their records in their very own virtual cabinet using the app’s cloud storage.

App users can also figure out what the rough market value of their music items are because of the App’s link with Discogs and listen and make playlists on Spotify as well.

The Record Scanner Mobile Music Collector App also helps you to sell your music items easily by connecting to Discogs, one of the world’s largest online music databases. Users only have to scan their record details and they can add it to their store in moments and make your passion pay!

  • Memento Database

Music Collectors will love the Memento Database Mobile Music App Development, an impactful tool that helps music lovers arrange, organize, sort, store and file their collections with ease.

By using the Memento App users will discover that they are easier to use than traditional spreadsheets and even more flexible as well.

Music fans can quickly visualize their collection and also explore the index based on artist, title, year, genre and many more fields as you wish to have.

The Memento Database Mobile Music Collector App provides plenty of free templates for users to get started and they can easily customize their collections as they wish.

In addition to catalogues of their collections’ users can also manage their hobby as a project using the project management tool. This helps you to gradually go through and catalogue your entire music collection in a methodical manner.

Because everything is stored on the cloud, music collectors can always access their catalogue details, (index is on your phone), share their collections with friends and family and make comments as well.

The Memento App also syncs with Google Sheets and has an offline mode as well. The Memento Desktop Version makes your task simpler and even more convenient and users can import existing data as well as set reminders for related tasks, all in one place.

The Memento Database Mobile Music Collector App is also widely used by not-for-profit organizations such as charities, schools and hospitals to manage their index data.


The Mobile Music Collector App Developer helps users to arrange, organise, value, listen and maintain your precious music collections from records and tapes to CDs as well. Download a Mobile Music Collector App and get digging!

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