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Top 3 Wrinkle Reduction Treatments: Let’s Reduce or Vanish your Wrinkles Today

Whether wrinkles are on your clothes or your face, they are frustrating and can dampen your appearance. Thus, you should start looking for the wrinkle reduction treatment when you first saw fine lines on your skin, which aren’t too far anyway.

You see people, the first signs of wrinkles can be seen at 25. Yep, when you are at the prime of your life and working hard to build your career and family, it is the time when ugly wrinkles also surface on your skin.

 There are plenty of different causes that trigger wrinkles, such as:

Aging: Wrinkles are one of the major byproducts of aging. When your age goes up, your skin cells divide slowly. The inner skin layer, dermis, starts to thin, and the network of other collagen fibers and elastics begins to lose. The aging also reduces the oil-secreting and moisture-retaining ability of your skin. When all these factors together work, it creates wrinkles. 

Muscle Contractions: If you have lines between your eyebrows or lines coming from the corners of your eyes, it is because of underlying muscle contractions. Your general habits like laughing, smiling, frowning, or squinting can cause facial muscle contraction. These fine lines lead to wrinkles in the future. 

Photoaging: It is skin aging due to constant exposure to harmful UV rays. The ultraviolet rays damage collagen fibers and elastin fibers. Both these fibers are very important connective skin tissues. With sun exposure, these tissues lose their strength and flexibility, which leads to wrinkles formation. 

Smoking: Are you a regular smoker? This habit might be the cause of your wrinkly skin. You see people, your skin constantly regenerates. Periodically, old collagens are broken and removed, and new collagens are formed in their place. But, when you smoke tobacco, your new collagen formation process reduces and leads to wrinkles. It happens due to a low blood supply to your collagens.

Now, the reason behind your wrinkle development could be anything, but the good thing is that you can easily treat them. Today, you have plenty of different wrinkle reduction treatment options available in the market that you can pick as per your preferences.

In this article, we will show you all the awesome wrinkle treatments that you can perform today.

Top Wrinkle Reduction Treatments in 2021

At MetaGlow, many people with wrinkle problems walk through our doors daily. Every person has different skin types, wrinkle causes, and requirements. Thus, to help out everyone, we offer them the following best wrinkle treatments:

Botox Baton Rouge

Botox Baton Rouge is one of the most powerful and scientifically advanced wrinkle treatments. Botox is a medicine made from the botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and other related species. It works to block all the chemicals contracting your facial muscles.

Botox medicine is injected into the muscles that often contract to form wrinkles, such as between eyebrows or lines around the jaw. The Botox Baton Rouge treatment has a lifespan of 3-4 months. Once the medicine effect reduces, muscles again begin active and start developing wrinkles. Thus, you have to periodically schedule an appointment with your dermatologist at CLEO clinic to reinject Botox before the old one wears off.

Today, Botox wrinkle treatment is commonly practiced as it has good results. Many studies have been conducted to observe the effect of Botox treatment, and all have shown positive results. If your Botox injections are given by professionals, you won’t experience any side effects. That’s because professionals will thoroughly test and monitor your skin texture before injecting your skin with Botox medicine. You just need to find a good Botox clinic to get rid of your wrinkles.

Laser Treatment 

Laser skin treatment is mainly used to treat skin damage and irregularities caused by acne or sun rays. As the name suggests, laser treatment is performed with a concentrated beam, which penetrates skin layer by layer. Once the damaged outer skin is removed, the new collagen fibers will surge skin growth.

However, if you have active acne, you should wait until your acne is cured. Moreover, if you have recently been treated with Accutane®, you should avoid laser wrinkle reduction treatment for at least three months. Usually, this treatment is good for people with fair skin as they have fewer chances of hyperpigmentation. One more thing, avoid sun exposure for around three months after laser treatment.


When wrinkles are at rest, you can get filler treatment, like a jaw line filler, to lift them up. Usually, the filler technique is used to treat fine lines and folds around the mouth, nose, and chin. In filler treatment, hyaluronic acid is used to fill or lift up wrinkles. It is a natural sugar polymer, which is injected into the skin. 

The filler is a temporary treatment that mostly lasts for 3-6 months. You have to get filler material refilled after some time. However, it is a quick treatment; it only takes a few minutes to perform the treatment.

Say Bye to Wrinkles

With clinical wrinkle treatments, you can get rid of fine lines, acne spots, or even prominent wrinkles. You just need to select the right wrinkle treatment based on your skin type, wrinkles nature, and other factors.

If you need professional help to pick wrinkle treatment for yourself, you can contact the MetaGlow team today and treat your wrinkles in the right way!

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