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Top 3 Featured Clothing Items Of Summer Men’s Fashion

In 2021, the earliest spring ever was observed in the Kanto region. Many people are starting to look for spring clothes in earnest, feeling the footsteps of spring.

Blue jeans with a feeling of old clothes

The 2020AW has gained popularity for work-taste items, with vintage-processed items that have been worn as work clothes proposed by the Malison brand, and remake designs of painter pants attracting attention in the street area. From the above flow, the number of people who are paying attention to blue jeans like old clothes is increasing.

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Slightly dad sneakers

Daddy sneakers have surpassed the boom and now have a sense of being one of the classic shoes. And if they are the waterproof shoes then it is a plus point. If you want to take in ima, the aim is sneakers with a slight daddy and wild feeling. For example, the New Balance “992” has been gaining popularity since the sudden release of the reprinted model in February 2020; while being recognized as the only unreprinted model in the 900s. The styling like Steve Jobs with blue jeans is just like Imma.

Sweat pants 

Including the ESSENTIALS sweatpants by Jerry Lorenzo, sweatpants with a tightly squeezed foot design are gaining popularity. In the collaboration collection of “Amie Leon Dore” x “Drake’s”, we propose a modern traditional style by matching the loafers to the sweatpants’ feet that can create a feeling of omission by arranging the draw cord at the feet. Sweat pants are getting more and more attention due to the increase in home time. If you get it this season, why not pay attention swimwear for men to the silhouette of your feet? You have to know about adidas yeezy.

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Spring coat

Since oversized sweatshirts and knits have attracted attention, the coats that match them are also required to have a certain amount of space. The spring coat, which has a generous body width and a light tailoring that catches the wind, can be one of the items of interest. A coat with a simple design that feels elegance is also good, and a spring coat like a classic trench coat that shines with decorative beauty is also.

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