Top 11 Crypto Exchanges That Will Leave In Thrill | 2022

Before investing in cryptocurrency, the first question asked by any trader or investor is which the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency is. It is not the question of a single person rather the question of hundreds of thousands. Therefore this article is dedicated to this question, and the 11 best exchanges of March 2022, along with KuCoin, will be listed. KuCoin is one of the best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, making your selling and purchasing easy. So, let’s explore it together!

  1. KuCoin: As of March 2022, KuCoin is the best cryptocurrency exchange and application. Its official coin, KCSis doing wonders and going up day by day. Besides this, KuCoin offers a lot more. Its affiliate programtrading bot, low fees, and high profits are enough to attract new users every day.
  2. Binance: Binance leads the chart globally with the highest number of users and investors. Binance also has launched its coin, BNB, which has maintained a good position and now values more than $500, and it is expected to grow more. Therefore investing in Binance would be a good option.
  3. Coinbase: It is another crypto exchange that has made its name quite remarkable. Coinbase is known for its low fees for the interexchange of coins. Traders can easily exchange coins and currencies for a minimal cost. Not only this, but Coinbase also offers bitcoin cloud mining and cloud mining of other coins, including Ethereum and Solana.
  4. Upbit: Upbit is the 4th cryptocurrency exchange in the 11 best crypto exchanges list. The best thing about Upbit is the application of Upbit. Its user experience is very friendly. Therefore, it attracts users to use it more. However, the trading facilities of Upbit are also excellent.
  5. Many would not know about because it is not as famous as the other platforms mentioned above, but its facilities are way better than many crypto exchanges. To buy bitcoin is one of the easiest things on`
  6. OKX: Another infamous crypto exchange platform with much potential to serve its users. The security of OkX is outstanding, and it makes this platform stand out more than the rest of the competitors.
  7. DigiFinex: 7th in the list of best crypto exchange platforms. DigiFinex is determined to facilitate its traders with the best. However, DigiFinex offers the best deals to existing and new users. Although DigiFinex is still emerging, it has made a mark in the cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  8. is another good platform to invest savings in. It is also a considerable platform to buy bitcoins and other currencies. Users can also consider this platform when thinking about crypto exchange platforms.
  9. Changelly Pro: 9th crypto exchange offers reasonable rates and better deals to its users. New traders must consider this platform when looking for a crypto platform.
  10. FTX: FTX is the second last crypto exchange platform in this list that offers good deals to existing and new users.
  11. BitMart: Bitmart is the 11th best platform to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

In this list, 11 best cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been listed. The platforms offer good deals, and their user-friendly applications are quite helpful for traders.

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