Tips to take the best NATA Study Plan

National Aptitude Test in Architecture is the full form of NATA. This test is considered the most vital examination that the candidates can perform to make the best Architectural colleges. More than 300 top architectural colleges and universities allow the students to be a part of their institution with the help of the NATA examination.

NATA is mainly conducted by the Council of Architecture at National Level and offers a five-year B. Arch Degree Course in all the globally reputed national Institutions.

What is the difference between NATA and JEE?

NATA and JEE are similar to each other as both offer and give opportunities to the student to take admission in B. Arch Courses. The difference is that the Council of Architecture conducts the National Aptitude Test in Architecture, and JEE is conducted by the National Test Agency (NTA).

What subjects are involved in NATA examinations?

This is the hardest examination and includes vast syllabi to go through. Normally NATA Aptitude Questions are asked from the following subjects that include:

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning- This checks the ability of reasoning with the help of diagrams and scenarios.
  • Numerical Reasoning- These are normal and fun math solving problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning- This helps to inbuilt logical communication skills.
  • Inductive Reasoning- This helps to analyze and follow the partners given information
  • Situational Judgment- This is a problem-solving method
  • Logical Reasoning- This is a logical way of the problem-solving method.
  • Abstract Reasoning- This tests the G.K of a candidate and utilizes the knowledge in new and abstract situations.

This is not the end. There are some other subjects involved in the NATA Aptitude Questions. This includes the general topics and subjects.

  • Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry
  • Knowledge of English Language and Ability to Interpret
  • Design Elements and Principles
  • Aesthetic Susceptibility
  • Color Theory
  • Lateral and Logical Reasoning
  • Visual Perception and Cognition
  • Graphics and Imagery
  • Anatomy and Architectural Vocabulary
  • Techniques of Construction
  • Material Knowledge
  • K and Current Affairs

How can you prepare yourself?

NATA is a strict mode of examination, but it possible with a hard-working mindset. Therefore, if you plan to sit for the NATA exam this year, you must be prepared with your best. For taking NATA preparation, you can make a NATA Study Plan that would further include:

1. Time Allotment

The syllabus is vast, so they divide the time for each subject so that they can cover all the subjects within the period. They should provide the maximum time in the Mathematics section.

2. Study Material

NATA Study Plan includes some special books that can guide the students with useful, informative information. Some of the books include:

  • Arch Entrance Exam Guide by Surendra Kavimandan
  • NATA & B. Arch Question Bank by Ar. Shadan Usmani
  • Complete Self Study Guide for B. Arch by P. K Mishra

3. Tips to Prepare

The students should further check the exam patterns and questions and practice the questions. The candidates should be calm and composed and should provide all their possible hard works.


The students can easily crack the NATA by following the tips mentioned earlier and tricks. The most important thing the students have to remember is that they have to be sincere and give everything in the preparation of this.

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