Tips to Protect Workers’ Compensation Claim From Private Investigators

If an employee gets injured at the workplace, they can claim workers’ compensation from the employer. In the event of an employee getting injured, usually, an employer will hire a private investigator to monitor the injured employee to assure that they are not committing fraud. A Fort Wayne workers’ compensation lawyer can help in securing your workers’ compensation.

A private investigator can monitor the employee who has claimed workers’ compensation at any public setting through video surveillance or by being physically present at the scene. The private investigator can also enquire about the injured employee’s well-being through a friend, family, or even neighbours. At times, even checking on their social media is permitted.

The following are some of the important ways that can help in protecting your workers’ compensation from private investigators:

  1. Contact a lawyer: Getting in touch with an attorney and knowing all the rules to be followed when you have claimed a workers’ compensation is recommended. If you have accidentally performed an activity that might violate the worker’s compensation law, the private investigator can create evidence and damage your claim.
  2. Be honest about your injury: Do not go out of the lane when discussing your injuries to the doctor because often even the healthcare workers are provided by the insurer, so if the private investigator gets to know that you are exaggerating your injury to the doctor to claim compensation, then the private investigator might discredit your claim immediately.
  3. Be careful of your actions: Remind yourself that you are frequently being monitored, and any action that you make could be recorded by a private investigator and could result in no workers’ compensation. Therefore, if you have an injury, ensure that you are not worsening it by performing violent activities.
  4. Regularly check with your doctor: Give an update to your doctor about the pain, the injury, and the healing because you do not want to get the treatment and abandon the doctor, which might create suspicion in the mind of a private investigator, so regularly check with your doctor.
  5. Be authentic and calm: It is essential to be authentic at this phase because any extravagant action or minimalistic behaviour than usual can also create a doubtful thought about you. This can seem unusual to the eyes of a private investigator. Hence, be authentic and calm.
  6. Avoid posting about your case on social media: Avoid posting on social media about the worker’s compensation claim because the private investigator can also check your social media posts if they get permits to do so. 

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