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Tips to Choose the Best Lipstick as Per Your Skin Tone

While cruising through the lipstick aisle of your favourite store or brand, there are endless options to choose from. From herbal lipstick to higher-end ones, most women often find it challenging to pick a shade that suits their skin tone. Besides, there are many types of lipstick textures, undertones, and finishes in the market. Eventually, it makes your shopping spree nothing less than a tedious task.

Though it is not a cakewalk to explore new lipstick shades, considering your skin tone will make the job easier. The following are the tips you must follow to select the best lipstick that goes well with your skin tone.

Consider the Skin Tone

There are mainly five skin tone types or complexions: light, tan, medium, deep, and fair. You have to determine your skin tone accurately to choose the right shade of lipstick. If you have a fair or light complexion, then colours such as subtle pink, soft peach, nude, coral, and all the dusty shades of red would suit your skin.

Further, the shades such as cherry red, rose, mauve, and berry would look great on women with medium skin tones. For those with a tan complexion, colours such as bright red, rock coral, and intense pink would be preferable. Do not opt for the shades of purple and brown. If you have a deeper skin tone, then shades such as wine, plum, blue-driven reds, and caramel would be perfect for you.

Identify the Undertone of Your Skin

Wearing a lipstick shade that complements your skin undertone well can enhance your facial health and glow. For this, it is essential to recognise the undertone of your skin. Apart from lipsticks, it would also assist you in selecting a foundation that blends properly with your skin tone. There are two common types of skin undertones — cool and warm.

Generally, women with cool undertones have a fairer complexion with pink, blue, or red hues. On the other hand, warm undertones are wheatish in colour with olive, yellow, or golden hues. However, if you find it difficult to classify your skin undertone, your complexion is of neutral undertone. It is a mix of both cool and warm undertones with hues of yellow and pink.

Shortlisting the Colours as Per the Skin Undertone

Pick out the colours that suit your skin undertone as it highlights the facial features to a noticeable extent. If you have cool undertones, the lipstick colours such as purple, cherry red, pink nude, taupe beige, blue-based shades, and rose will work well.

For the ones with warm undertones, all the lipsticks in warmer nude shades are recommendable. Shades such as terracotta browns, intense orange, and brick-based red will be suitable. Additionally, if you want to go for nude shades, pick pale and rich consistencies for light and deeper skin tones, respectively. The warm undertones also look great with shades of copper, fuchsia, and gold.

If you have a neutral undertone, try out pink shades for fair complexions and mauve shades for medium skin tones. On the other hand, for deep complexions, berry shades would be suitable. In short, women with neutral undertones can opt for deep wines to subtle nudes to look their best.


If you wish to pick out the best shade of lipstick for you, then contemplate your skin tone and undertone. Ultimately, it would aid you in selecting a shade that has been crafted specifically to suit your skin complexion. However, always apply a lip balm before lipstick as it hydrates the lips, thereby highlighting the lip colour.

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