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Tips on how to get more followers

Since the role of Facebook in the field of social media marketing has steadily dwindled, the social network Instagram in particular has been of enormous importance for companies. However, it is not that easy – especially as a still unknown company – to get embarrassed by masses of likes and followers on Instagram. First and foremost, having a really successful Instagram account means a lot of effort and work. Buying real Instagram followers from the experts at followers can be a great start-up help.

The following article explains which tips should also be observed in order to let the community of followers and thus your own reach grows steadily.

Collect as many interactions as possible

The Instagram algorithm attaches great importance to “engagement”. In the beginning, for example, posts are only shown to ten percent of the follower feeds. However, the more comments and likes a post can get within the first hour, the more often it will be displayed afterward.

It is also important to respond to messages and comments as quickly as possible. This is also rated as positive by the algorithm. Incidentally, the probability of being displayed on the Explore page increases – this is a particularly effective way of collecting new followers.

It is also worthwhile to interact with other users on Instagram in order to increase your own number of followers. Other profiles should also be visited and some comments should be left there. It is important that the comments contain more than four words; otherwise, the algorithm will evaluate them as a “bot”.

Follow the right profiles

Unfortunately, many companies still use the so-called “follow-follow” strategy. You follow 100 accounts at random and hope that they will follow back. As soon as they do this, they are followed again.

In the meantime, this approach hardly corresponds to a profitable method. In order to build up followers professionally and sustainably, it makes much more sense to only follow accounts that fit the respective target group and that are active in the same industry.

Do not use any third-party apps

Instagram’s public API closed in 2018. Since then, apps have required explicit permission to access Instagram. With this step, the social network is pursuing the goal of preventing fake engagements generated by third-party apps.

However, there are still some apps in the app store that can be used, for example, to track followers. This may sound tempting at first, but it is advisable to refrain from using such apps. These apps are finally given full access to the respective account, which significantly increases the risk of a hacker attack. It is also likely that Instagram will punish you by reducing the reach of your own account or even blocking it for a certain period of time.

Rely on high-quality content

The most important tip for gaining new followers is posting high-quality content. In order to continuously increase your own number of followers, new and above all relevant content must be shared on a regular basis. As a rule of thumb, we recommend one post per day. If too many posts are posted, some followers are often lost.

When it comes to photos, the most important thing is a uniform style and high quality. Companies, in particular, should never publish photos that are too dark, pixelated, or unaesthetic.

The best tips for getting more likes on Instagram

What should I post on Instagram for more likes?

The perfect Instagram pic that is 100% guaranteed to get millions of likes does not exist. Let your creativity run free, but avoid blurry and poorly exposed photos and videos. Build a consistent and harmonious Insta feed. How do you do it? Make sure that your Instagram posts match in color and use the same or a similar filter for editing whenever possible. But that used to be even “stricter” than it is now. Many followers also celebrate cool variety in feeds and then distribute more likes on Instagram. It is important that one recognizes that the pictures belong to you and your profile. You can obter seguidores no Instagram grátis by Getinsta app just continue to read the article for further details.

Best time to post on Insta

It all depends on the right timing! Whether your post on Insta goes through the roof or goes down depends, among other things, on when you post a post on your mobile phone. Avoid inconvenient times like the middle of the night or morning when your followers are busy. The majority of users look at their phones in the evening. Posts that go online between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. usually get more likes on Instagram and more comments. This is how you can find your personal recipe for success for more likes on Instagram.

Hashtag suitable for many likes

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your Instagram posts, but you still need to throw out the “greatly useful” motto. If you want to increase visibility and reach, you should use hashtags that are thematically relevant to your post. If you use only the hashtags that are very popular on Instagram, you run the risk that your posts will get little attention, you will get lost in a lot of emails, and you won’t get a lot of likes. Always think about what Instagram users are looking for and use it as a hashtag for the appropriate image.

More likes on Instagram: Story Like a Pro

With an Instagram story, you can show your followers more of you and let them participate in your everyday life. But always stay with yourself and don’t let Instagram rule your life in order to please others better. Bring variety to your stories and upload exciting pictures, funny videos, and boomerangs or start a live broadcast. You should also incorporate interactive story elements such as a survey or the emoji slider. Use hashtags and the location sticker, then your story will not only be shown to your subscribers. So it is guaranteed to rain more likes on Instagram!

Get free instagram followers

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