Tips for Applying to Graduate School in the Humanities

Applying to graduate school can be a long and involved process. By staying on schedule, an applicant can make sure that all materials are submitted early.

Applying to graduate school can be stressful, especially for students who need help preparing for graduate school in the humanities. Graduate school applications, if done properly, do not have to be as stressful if students use an admission essay writing service or just take time to make sure that everything is in place well in advance of application deadlines.

Tips for Applying to Graduate School in the Humanities

There are several things that students need to keep in mind when applying to graduate school in the humanities, or in any other field. These tips help keep the application process on track without waiting until the last minute to get all requested materials submitted.

  • Request letters of recommendation early Professors, faculty, and staff members get many requests for recommendations throughout the school year. After deciding on two or three professors that will be able to give meaningful recommendations, be sure to request letters of recommendation as early as possible, and provide reminders (if requested) on a regular basis.
  • Undergraduate transcripts Students may be inclined to only submit transcripts from the college or university that they plan to graduate from. However, graduate schools want to see a complete academic record for a potential student, so it is extremely important to submit transcripts from all academic institutions where a student has earned college credits, even for summer school. These requests should be in as early as possible, as college and university registrar’s offices get a large volume of transcript requests at the end of each term.
  • GRE scores Read each graduate school’s requirements for GRE scores carefully. Some programs ask that the students simply take the GRE and provide help on essay writing, while others require minimum scores in some or all of the test’s subsections, while other programs may require a test other than the GRE. At the end of the test, also be sure to submit GRE scores to all of the colleges and universities to which a student is applying.
  • Call to confirm arrival of application materials While this may also be available online for some colleges and universities, call the graduate department and confirm that all application materials have been received about a week after the last documents have been sent. If anything is missing, resubmit missing documentation just to be safe.
    File the FAFSA Financial aid is available for graduate school programs, and graduate students are also eligible for federal student loans. Make sure to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for as much financial assistance as possible.

Timeline for Applying to Graduate School in the Humanities

Unlike applying for undergraduate admission, applying to graduate school is not something that can be completed in a weekend.

Graduate school applicants should begin working on graduate school application materials and prepare for the GRE the summer before the applicant intends to begin the application process. This allows time to prepare for and take the GRE, request admissions materials, and begin researching prospective schools. Applicants should also begin to consider professors to write letters of recommendation as well.

During the fall, applicants should begin to submit application materials as soon as possible. According to the academic essay writing service, application deadlines for graduate school do not have a rolling admissions policy, and can be anywhere from mid-December until March 1, so it is extremely important to stay on schedule. Once all application materials have been submitted, applicants should call the department or office of graduate studies seven to ten days after mailing application materials to make sure that they have arrived and that the applicant’s file is complete.

If an applicant finds that there are missing parts of his or her application, do not wait to send in additional copies or hope that they will be found. Send in missing documents and any additional information as soon as possible to make sure that they are received and processed before the application deadline.

Applicants for graduate school will find that the application process can be a long and involved one that involves several different kinds of documentation in order to be considered for admission. However, if a graduate school applicant stays on track and pays special attention to deadlines, applying to graduate school may be a little less stressful.

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