Three Ways Property Managers Will Handle Your Rental Property’s Maintenance

As a landlord, you must take care of your rental property the way you take care of your own home. Unfortunately, because of many responsibilities, you may fall behind on general maintenance of your rental properties or expect your tenants to handle everything. But, if you want to prolong the life of your management of properties and avoid major repairs, you must keep them in top shape. By implementing a routine maintenance plan, your investment will surely last. If maintaining your investment properties is too much for you to handle, consider handing over the task to a Glendale, CA property management expert. A good property manager knows how to handle your property maintenance and perform other related tasks. The following are some of the ways they may handle property maintenance:

Keeping Properties Free of Pests

Before move-in, your property manager will offer a safe and habitable place for tenants which means ensuring your property is free of all pests and rodents. Your manager will try to be ahead of the game by considering having an exterminator regularly visit your property. While there is a cost involved with this approach, it is worthwhile in the long run. Pests can seriously damage your property and may cause you to lose tenants, resulting in higher turnover and vacancy rates.

Carrying Out Routine Inspections

Routine inspections can help extend the life of your property. Professional inspectors will check for things such as water leaks, full gutters, rotting wood, and broken windows, as well as inspect your property’s exterior. Your tenants may miss these issues, particularly when they are not properly taking care of your property. Regular exterior monitoring makes it possible to spot problem areas before they become problems. This helps make sure your property’s structure stays sound throughout the year.

Maintaining the HVAC System

One of the major repairs your rental property will face is the repair of the HVAC system. Routine care will prevent this. That is why your property manager will have the system serviced professionally at least once every year. Also, they may provide your tenants with replacement air filters to change the filters out every month. Additionally, the property manager will give tenants a welcome package upon move-in to slip in instructions on how to maintain the HVAC system and what to do if something breaks.

Moreover, part of maintaining the HVAC system is resealing the ducts. This will keep the system working efficiently and prevent any back-drafting that may harm your tenants.

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