Three of the Best Wine Clubs in California You Should Join!

As more people are taking up wine consumption, the number of wine clubs in California quickly expands.

The Golden State accounts for almost 90% of wine production in the U.S. In fact, the wine industry in California is so intense that it would be the 4th largest wine producer globally if it was a country.

Wine clubs allow members to broaden their knowledge of the product and allow them a taste of a diverse range of wines, including those that are not usually available in a standard liquor store. Wine clubs also provide customers with access to personally selected wine bottles regularly, with some clubs doing home deliveries, click here to learn more about it.

This is fantastic for the average wine consumer because never have there been such a plethora of options. But how do they locate the best wine clubs in California?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best wine clubs in the state for wine enthusiasts to choose from.

1. California Wine Club

With a bold name such as the California Wine Club, one would expect the club to have an impressive and diverse selection of Californian wines, which is precisely what they offer.

The California Wine Club’s mission is to connect people to the best wineries based within the state. 5 membership options are ranging from prestigious wines to classic handcrafted wines in the premier series.

The club also has personalized wine consultants who work on pairing members with the best wine as per their preferences. This way, the California Wine Club gives members unique access to California’s fantastic wine industry.

2. Winc Wine Club

This Los Angeles-based wine club is not your average modern wine club.

Founded in 2012, this wine club partners with wineries within California and beyond and focuses on production rather than buying the wines in its selection. These partnerships allow the club to be among the most creative wine subscription services in the state.

It provides members with a personalized wine experience based on a short 6-question quiz. Depending on the answers provided, the club provides members with a wide selection of options ranging from bold Tempranillos to classics such as Chardonnay and sparkling Rosés.

3. Bright Cellars Wine Club

What makes the Bright Cellars Wine Club stand out among other wine clubs is its adaptation to providing members with a personalized wine experience.

The wine club gets to know what sort of wine members would like through a preference survey combined with a one-of-its-kind pairing algorithm developed by its founders, who graduated from MIT. This technology helps the club make sure their subscribers receive wines that have been matched to their tasting palate.

Wine Is Magic for the Soul

By subscribing to a wine club, you will gain access to a diverse selection of wines from across California and further out. They are a convenient and affordable way of enjoying exclusive wine curated to your preference and everything in between.

You can expect other perks: exclusive access to wine events, discounts, and opportunities to meet winemakers!

If you don’t have a membership yet, the wine clubs highlighted above should provide you with a list of options to start with.

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